Extrashoes Mod

Another cool mod that I find it really interesting which I did have a lot of fun with it. I spend almost like 20 hours without resting! I mean sleeping though lol. It sounds like I’m addicted to the game, but it’s different, I don’t know what is that feeling. But once you try it you would suddenly feel the same way like I do for sure. And the name of this mod is Extrashoes Mod.

Extrashoes Mod

Extrashoes Mod

Extrashoes Mod is a really interesting mod that I enjoyed a lot which creatively made by the developer ‘Kloonder’. Finally, the 2.0 Beta is released! Let’s back to the track, this mod basically adds in many new abilities of shoes which will make you feel like you are a super hero that have some awesome power. Have you ever wanted to see all around the city with a single jump? Have you ever wanted to fly out through the world without using mod or creative mode? If yes, all the answer you can find it here. All you have to do is just create your own pair of shoes. Those new powers added including gliding, +0.5 protection, flying, +1 jump boost, +1 mining boost, +1 strength and speed boost, +1 fire resistance, +5.0 durability. As you can see there are so many features of the new boots will be given to you, so don’t you interest? I would say yes! There is no need to cheat anymore, even if you can fly, still you might not feel like you are cheating you are modding something like that because all the things that make you to be like that are what you put your own effort into it. So, be proud of what you have intend to do.

Is this Extrashoes Mod attractive for you? Is this mod interesting? Does it make you feel a little bit excited? Anyways, if you do feel a bit in positive, so this mod is waiting for you. Once you install and play with it, you will feel and might be like me for sure for what I have said though.

Extrashoes Mod Main Features

  • New pairs of shoes added
  • Shoes that make you glide
  • Shoes that make you fly
  • Shoes that make you jump higher
  • Shoes that give you strength and speed
  • Shoes that give you more durability of the items

Extrashoes Mod Pros and Cons


  • Many new pairs of shoes coming with awesome abilities which will make you feel enjoyable when played
  • You can jump higher, run faster, have more strength with this shoes and many more features given as well
  • Loads of fun that you will be forever cheerful!


  • This mod requires Minecraft Forge, so you will have to download and install it first
  • Some people might think that this mod will ruin the game because of the flying features

How to install Extrashoes Mod

  1. Download Extrashoes Mod from the link given below
  2. Select the version that compatible with your Minecraft version
  3. Install Forge
  4. Go to %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft/mods
  5. Put the downloaded file here which is .jar with zip file
  6. Start the game, check if the mod is properly installed
  7. Enjoy!
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