Imagine if you could use a phone in the world of Minecraft, what would you think? Is it great? Yes, it is for some people. But that phone is not like any phone in the world. EyeMod it’s special that you could use it to make something unpredictable happens. And what would it be, let’s check this awesome mod out!


EyeMod Pic 1

EyeMod Pic 2

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EyeMod is another interesting mod which made by ‘R-craft’. As much as you can guess from the title of what this mod will do for you or make any change in your world right? Basically, this mod will just add in a phone into the world of Minecraft which is called EyePod. This thing is kind of overpowered phone items that will help you to make order to make things exploded, anything you want to.

Also, it will give you the potion effects with a single click , it’s quite easy and convenient right? Therefore, all you have to do with this mod is that you will have to craft the EyePod before you can get those awesome features given by this mod. With this awesome thing, you can even change the weathers as well, sunshine, raining, snow and many more. Moreover, some other features and stuff that are included in this mod, you can have that too, but you will have to pay some money :D. Paying the money by using emerald in the appstore in game. Once you purchase anything from appstore, it will be with you forever in your EyePod, so no worry about that.

Those EyePod have awesome custom texture as well, and if you find this mod interesting and useful mod or you like it. So, what are you waiting for, it is waiting for you to download and play it, check it out. Loads of fun given by this awesome EyeMod which will make you enjoy all day long

EyeMod Main Features

  • New overpowered phone added to the world of Minecraft which called EyePod
  • Custom textures to the EyePod

EyeMod Pros and Cons


  • You can change the weathers anytime you want by just a single click
  • When you do not satisfy with anything, you just use this EyePod to make those things explode
  • This device will give you the potion effects as well
  • You can buy more app from the appstore which will make you able to use more features in this EyePod


  • Some of the features and stuff in the appstore are not worth to buy because they might do nothing for you
  • Requirement of Forge to give the best performance

How to install EyeMod

  1. Go to the download link by scrolling this page till you see it
  2. Once you go in, just select and download EyeMod the version that you’d like to
  3. Browse to your Minecraft directory which is /%appdata%/roaming/.minecraft
  4. Look for mods folder
  5. Simply paste the downloaded file into this folder
  6. Done
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