Fair Play Mod

Hello, how are you doing today? This day I would like to show you a new type mod called Fair Play Mod that is a new version of the better PVP mod. So, what this does is it simplifies your PVP experience. Like I said to you before there are two version of this model one is Fair-Play and another some. If you like this one, let’s get started to review this cool mod.

Fair Play Mod

Fair Play Mod 1

Fair Play Mod 2

Fair Play Mod 3

Fair Play Mod is amazing version that made by ‘xaero96’, it adds new useful features that help you to used either for PVP and survival in hardcore mode. Also, you can get the new GUI interface system and get new more useful keybinds which this function will help you to convenient when you started to play the game.

Okay, let’s start working on it to see what new features in this mod and how great it is. First of all, when you apply your armor or when you have armor, you saw the durability and enchantment such as If you have enchanted sword or something like that, you can see it has satisfied and durability of 1562. Moreover, you’ll get seven XP like that will get notified and another thing is mini matic, you can say it topped left corner top right-hand side or you can see the small mini map.

Another awesome feature of this model that is ‘notify’, You will receive a notification message on your screen. Example, if you are in danger of arrows by your enemy that It will give a warning message as a bow image, which will appear prominently on your screen. However, if you want to attack even of TNT that you are in danger, it will send a warning message TNT image to you on the top of screen too. The last thing that I like it on new feature that it is the way point, yes! You can add or delete wavering from your options and click ‘better pvp settings’ then click ‘Waypoints’, in this section you can add/edit what ever you want.

Fair Play Mod Main Features

  • New amazing feature that I would to recommend you, If you have any food in this game you can displace Z and it will auto eat. It also all the effects you have in your UI. You can see more effect by open your inventory to see all the effect that you have such as Absorption, Resistance, Fire Resistance and Regeneration II.
  • Add new notify when you get in danger
  • You can save new waypoint that is new feature too

Fair Play Mod Pros and Cons


  • It adds a variety of features to make your game fun.
  • The key features are the mini map, which makes search and adventure more exciting.
  • In addition, it also prevents hackers from hacking into your game


  • Of course, you need to learn and study the system which can make you lost time to play the game.

How to install Fair Play Mod

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge, First.
  2. Don’t forget to download the Fair Play Mod
  3. Look at the Start Menu bar in your Windows.
  4. Run and type %appdata%.
  5. Copy and past the file download .jar or zip into .minecraft/mods folder.
  6. Have fun!
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