Faithful Reborn Animated Texture Pack 1.11.2/1.10.2/1.7.10

Faithful resource pack is a very well-known and I think most of you guys would feel similar with that. It’s a good texture pack right ? But I would suggest you to try this Faithful Reborn Animated Texture Pack. It is like an upgraded version of faithful resource pack.

Faithful Reborn Animated Texture Pack

Faithful Reborn Animated Texture Pack

Faithful Reborn Animated Texture Pack

As its name Faithful Reborn Animated Texture Pack. The name ‘reborn’ mean that everything has changed, even improve all the textures for everything in Minecraft world, such as; blocks, items, and mobs. They are not changed too much, I would say that they improved. As well, this texture pack are in a decent resolution of 64×64 which will make the game look sweeter and much more enjoyable. Also, more pleasant to your eyes and has an amazing landscape look . Moreover, with its HD quality look can be much improved by using shader pack, make it look much more cool. This might be one of the best texture pack and it is what exactly you need.

Faithful Reborn Animated Texture Pack Main Features

You will need an original faithful pack if you want this Faithful Reborn Animated Texture Pack to work without any problems. In my opinion I really love this pack, it gives me a joyful play and not feel bored when playing Minecraft. I could spend all day long playing with this amazing pack.

Faithful Reborn Animated Texture Pack Pros and Cons


  • High resolution with a very good-looking  texture
  • Nicely detailed for each texture
  • Really enjoyable


  • Some minor bugs that can not be fixed
  • Requires MCPatcher or Optifine in order to properly use it

Faithful Reborn Animated Texture Pack Change Log

  • Changed the pack logo and font fixed
  • The graphic art and logo updated
  • Changed stone brick veriant texture to look better
  • Compatibility with the latest version of Minecraft
  • 64×64 resolution

How to install Faithful Reborn Animated Texture Pack

  1. MCPatcher or Optifine is recommended
  2. Download and install MCPatcher or Optifine for more feature
  3. Download Faithful Reborn Animated Texture Pack
  4. Browse to %appdata%
  5. Look for ‘.minecraft’ folder
  6. Find the ‘resourcepacks’ folder
  7. Drag and drop the .zip file into the ‘resourcepacks’ folder
  8. Start the game
  9. Choose the texture from the option inside the game
  10. Have fun !
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