FAMM – Fex’s Alphabet Mod 1.11.2/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10

Are you looking for a mod full of potential and the brand new content that you have never seen before? Sometimes, these new mods might be one of your own idea, but you are way too lazy to create them by yourself. Anyways, the mod that I would like to present you guys today is the mod called FAMM – Fex’s Alphabet Mod. I don’t really have to tell you guys what this mod is all about because the title says it all.

FAMM - Fex's Alphabet Mod

FAMM - Fex's Alphabet Mod

FAMM – Fex’s Alphabet Mod is a mod that has a huge potential made by FEX__96. Basically, this mod is based on the alphabet stuff, so what else comes to your mind? It’s the mod that adds the alphabet blocks into your world. I know that it’s non-sense, but sometimes, you might want to make a sign written as ‘do not come close, this is my area’, but those signs are way too small to notice or read the text on it. There you go the alphabet mods which you can attach them together to be any words that you’d like to. It has a huge potential for its simple idea. It’s going to be very useful depending on the way you use it. Moreover, that’s not what you will receive from installing this mod. What you have more is the point block, comma block, number blocks and many more. So, it just allows you to write a word that will permanently show on the world and you can easily edit them any time that you want. Its features provided might not be so satisfying, but what it currently offers you are something unique and awesome. This modder has been making only simple mods, but they are all full of very helpful stuff like the money mod if you have tried it before and now this one. This mod can actually be applied in any adventure map to be more realistic with this mod installed. All of the letter or alphabet blocks come with such a simple color like the neutral black and white textures which make it look simple, but beautiful at the same time.

If you have already tried the mod providing you this feature like those outdated letter mod, this FAMM – Fex’s Alphabet Mod that will compensate all of your hopes. You are going to have these new letter blocks to use in your own world and it’s going to be very useful when the time comes that you have to make an adventure map that you are relied on writing text on the signs, now you can just place the blocks together to by any words, phases, or sentences as you’d like.

FAMM – Fex’s Alphabet Mod Main Features

  • This is a very simple mod offers you the new blocks including of letter blocks, pointing or showing direction blocks, comma blocks, number blocks and many more

FAMM – Fex’s Alphabet Mod Pros and Cons


  • This mod will allows you to place the letter blocks instead of writing something on the sign item which those letters on sign are way too small to look at and it’s pressuring and straining your eyes, with these new letter blocks, the letters will be quite large and easy to see as it comes with neutral black and white color textures
  • These letter blocks will help you to make your sign or the direction on your adventure map to be more realistic


  • This mod only provides you guys the letter blocks, so that if you have expected something more than this, this mod might not be what you have been looking for
  • Without Minecraft Forge installed to your game, this mod won’t work properly

How to install FAMM – Fex’s Alphabet Mod

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge with the latest version first
  2. Download the mod named FAMM – Fex’s Alphabet Mod with the most compatible version
  3. Search for %appdata%
  4. Go into .minecraft
  5. Open mods
  6. Put the downloaded file here
  7. Done
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