Farm House Pack Map

Are you tied of designing and building your own creative building? I mean anything in your world that you’d like to build, but your brain just don’t want to cooperate with you. But actually, one of the biggest problem for that is the laziness. So, I would like to know if you are interested with the completed structure modeling of the house or any type of building, provided in a map called Farm House Pack Map.

Farm House Pack Map

Farm House Pack Map

Farm House Pack Map

Farm House Pack Map is just a custom map giving you tons of model of houses and buildings. As I mentioned if you are those who are too lazy to think of something and build it up, this is a map for you. Even if whatever this map does for you might not be as good as you’ve expected, but what you will eventually get is the idea, hint and the way to create these things. Moreover, it’s going to be much better than you’ve expected if you have a really good look at all of those screenshots provided above. That’s what you will see in your world if you have this map installed. Currently, this map provides you Fishing House, the Church, Blacksmith, Butcher, Bakery, Little House, the Inn, Wizard Tower, Lumberjack House, Luxury House, Windmill, Farm Shed, Mining House, the Mining Shed, Brewery, Hunters House, Library, Watch Tower, City Gate and many more. As you can see that most of them will be most appropriate for something like village based on nature. Everything looks perfectly comparing to each other, so if you would like to apply some of your idea into all of these stuff, you are going to get such a beautiful world in the game.

This Farm House Pack Map will work like a helper to motivate and give you some ideas of creating and designing the building that you have been planning to build. So, it’s going to be very useful in the near future for most people who are not really good at things like this. Moreover, everything  single model in this map seems to be based on nature, it’s going to be such a beautiful atmosphere when these buildings are in the same place and it’s also pleasant to look at as well.

Farm House Pack Map Main Features

  • This is just a custom map adding model of the houses to the world
  • There are currently 23 different houses provided

Farm House Pack Map Pros and Cons


  • You can actually learn and remember the structure and the model and you can take that possibility to go build on your servers as all of the houses provided look uniquely different
  • All of them look magnificent which can be really useful in many way. Even if those models are simple, but they are so sweet and awesome like the way they are
  • Those are really suitable to whatever they are called in the world like the blacksmith house will make you feel like this is the place where blacksmith do their works


  • There is really nothing to do in this map except getting the idea of the houses’ structure and blueprint, then you go build in your servers
  • It’s just a plain world full of different houses

How to install Farm House Pack Map

  1. Navigate yourself to the .minecraft folder or simply search for %appdata% and look for .minecraft folder, and then open it
  2. Download Farm House Pack Map with the latest version from the link downloaded below
  3. Simply look for saves folder and just drop the downloaded file into the saves folder
  4. Start the game
  5. Select the new map and then apply
  6. Enjoy
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