Fast Async WorldEdit Bukkit Plugin 1.11.2/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10

If you are a server admin or those who need to take care, build and prepare everything in the word? If you are one of them, have you ever used WorldEdit to creat any structures in your world? By using that program, everything becomes much easier. However, this program has only one big fat problem and that is lag a lot. If you are looking for a way to solve it, actually there is one which you must install this Fast Async WorldEdit Bukkit Plugin.

Fast Async WorldEdit Bukkit Plugin

Fast Async WorldEdit Bukkit Plugin

Fast Async WorldEdit Bukkit Plugin

Fast Async WorldEdit Bukkit Plugin is a very interesting Bukkit Plugin that every single server need to have if everyone is using WorldEdit. Even though this plugin is very convenient and easy to use when it comes to build something huge. You guys would probably know how awesome this WorldEdit is, you can remove a very big mountain within a second. But the bigger the range you are going to edit, the more lag and time you are going to wait. So, this plugin is basically like a helper that will help to reduce the lag when you use the WorldEdit by optimizing several core components. As a result, it’s going to be faster and also use a lot less memory. Moreover, you will also get some more useful functionality to play with this new plugin as well.

These are what you will take advantage of this Fast Async WorldEdit Bukkit Plugin. Is’s very useful and easy to use like the main one. But it’s quite a pain when you have to install so many stuff before you can implement this bukkit plugin and that includes Minecraft Forge, sponge and WorldEdit.

Fast Async WorldEdit Bukkit Plugin Main Features

  • This plugin helps to reduce the work or the lag you get from using WorldEdit

Fast Async WorldEdit Bukkit Plugin Pros and Cons


  • As this plugin helps you to reduce the lag from using WorldEdit, you can work and make progression very fast
  • It takes a lot less memory
  • Faster loading from progressing


  • Your game is required to have Minecraft Forge, Sponge, WorldEdit installed with the latest or the most compatible version first before installing and using this one
  • Even if it makes the after-edit faster, but it still can’t be smoothly load for sure if you are trying to cut out something very big or even substitute another block for a chunk

How to install Fast Async WorldEdit Bukkit Plugin

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge
  2. Download and install Sponge or spongepow
  3. Download and install WorldEdit
  4. Download Fast Async WorldEdit Bukkit Plugin
  5. Make sure those three are installed with the same version as your game
  6. Bring your server to clean and place the main file of this plugin into the plugin folder in your Minecraft directory
  7. Run the server again
  8. All done
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