Fidget Spinner Mod

Look at this, welcome back to another weird mod today we’re going to do something a little bit different than what I normally do in this Fidget Spinner Mod. First of all, let’s me explain about a fidget spinner, this is a type of stress-relieving toy that it has been advertised as helping people who have emotional problems such as those who are stressed, anxious, anxious, and ADHD. In addition, this type of toy is also recommended by some experts and they accept it, but there are many who disagree. Okay guys, let’s play it.

Fidget Spinner Mod

Fidget Spinner Mod 1

Fidget Spinner Mod Craft 1

Fidget Spinner Mod Craft 2

Fidget Spinner Mod Craft 3

Fidget Spinner Mod Craft 4

Fidget Spinner Mod Craft 5

Fidget Spinner Mod this is pretty cool mod that you could probably add it to survival mode. So, first time I think the official name is like hand spinner mod or something like that. Let’s start to craft 5 different type of fidget spinner :

  1. First things for craft the ‘ball bearing’ that you need to have four piece of iron to craft then you will get the four ball bearing.
  2. Next, for craft the ‘wooden fidget spinner’, All you need is a piece of wood in the middle (Oak Wood Planks) and two ball bearing.
  3. Now, to create the ‘iron fidget spinner’ you will need one piece of iron and three ball bearings.
  4. To create the ‘gold fidget spinner’ that you should have three gold nugget, three ball bearing and need one piece of gold ingot then you will get the hand spinner gold (gold fidget spinner).
  5. Last, for create the ‘diamon fidget spinner’ wiht one of these all you just need to put the four ball bearings all in the corners and one diamond in the middle, and now there you have the ‘diamon fidget spinner’.

Alright every one! This is look awesome and pretty cool mod like i said before. So, I think you will love some of it and this would be a great extension to a modern survival mode or something, because this just adds these a little cool of toys in Minecraft and it would just be really cool to have something like this in Minecraft.

Fidget Spinner Mod Main Features

  • This is amazing mod that have to 5 different type of fidget spinner in Minecraft, such as : ball bearing, wooden fidget spinner, iron fidget spinner, gold fidget spinner and diamon fidget spinner.
  • And it just adds a little bit more to the game and you can see another color like red, grean, blue etc.

Fidget Spinner Mod Pros and Cons


  • It was designed to look very close to the real thing.
  • Just look awesome while when you playing this toy in minecraft
  • If you have trouble such as stressed, anxious, anxious, and ADHD that will helping you to control.
  • And this mod can workin with optifine too.


  • It is almost useless in the game, but it looks cool and interesting.
  • Also, if you want to install the mod that you need to do is download and install Minecraft forge first.

How to install Fidget Spinner Mod

  1. Check your game that you have the forge, if you don’t just install it
  2. Download the Fidget Spinner Mod
  3. Go to run on start menu bar
  4. Type %appdata% on it
  5. Then go to the .minecraft folder and find the mods folder
  6. Drag and drop the file .jar into the mods folder
  7. Run your game
  8. Done!
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