Floating Islandz Survival Map

Are you looking for a map to play with your friends or play on server? It could be adventure map to travel throughout the world, or custom map to enjoy with, or even survival map to face against the challenge. I think that most of you would enjoy all types of them because all of them have their individual styles which all could entertain and give you loads of fun for sure. Now I have this Floating Islandz Survival Map for you. Check it out and try to survive.

Floating Islandz Survival Map

Floating Islandz Survival Map

Floating Islandz Survival Map

Floating Islandz Survival Map is a map which is created by ‘Tommykent’. As its name, island. The map is full of islands which is individually separate above the sky more than 100+. There are small island, and large island as well. Ores are also included in each island depending on each island which will define the quantity and type of them. There are many dungeons too which will randomly locate scattered throughout the map. The main objective is to survive as long as possible! For more challenging, there are some rules that you have to be strict with. The rules are no cheating, this mean command, inventory edits or the SinglePlayCommands Mod are not allowed. Once you die, that means game over, but if you want to continue to play, that will not be counted towards your score. Difficulty must be set to easy. You can have water under the islands or void under the island. For water, when you fall down, you can swim up to the islands, but if you use void, there is nothing, if you fall down, it’s like you fall out the world!

If this map interest you, why not give Floating Islandz Survival Map a go. This one is pretty impressive, very well done, creative idea, and loads of fun are waiting for you to enjoy with!

Floating Islandz Survival Map Main Features

  • This is a survival map which you have to fight to survive while exploring all the 120 individual islands

Floating Islandz Survival Map Pros and Cons


  • Really enjoy when playing and challenging with friends
  • Loads of fun and challenge!
  • Wonderfully fantastic map


  • This map is pretty difficult for those who are new to Minecraft
  • The rules are pretty strict

How to install Floating Islandz Survival Map

  1. Download Floating Islandz Survival Map
  2. Go to %appdata% and look for ‘.minecraft’ folder
  3. Find ‘saves’ folder
  4. Drag and drop the downloaded file/map into the ‘saves’ folder
  5. Launch the game
  6. Select the chosen map from your saves
  7. Have fun!
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