Floodgate Mod

Floodgate Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2 block might be utilised as either a floodgate, enabling toggle able water and lava falls, or as a trapdoor. Whenever you location the floodgate handle block, it’ll spot a gate in front with the handle block inside the path that you are facing. Applying redstone energy to this may eliminate the gate. Make use of the handle block to open the GUI exactly where you could location supporting blocks that can replace how the gate appears. Calls for ModLoader 1.6.2.

Floodgate Mod Recipe:

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image
Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image
Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Where Posted Image is Redstone.

Floodgate Mod for Minecraft 1.6.1

Floodgate Mod Features :

Floodgate Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2 - The flood gate technically might be made use of to open or close a path way for water to flow upon. It could also be utilised with lava plus the similar outcomes is going to be produced. The floodgate might be produced using a smooth stone about a red stone. Floodgate 1.6.2 and 1.5.2 desires the switch to operate and not surprisingly newbies would most likely have troubles with it. Pro’s should really understand how to activate stuff but if not Go to:

Last, I don’t forget to say thank developer for developer this mod! If you have problem or more. Please contact me!

How to Install Floodgate Mod

  1. Visit “start” Pick “Run”
  2. Form inside the box “%appdata%”
  3. A folder need to pop up and pick “.minecraft” folder Choose “bin” folder
  4. Open “minecraft.jar” with winrar or 7zip
  5. Copy and paste the mods contents right here
  6. You ought to be in a position to play now!!! ****DON”T Overlook TO DELETE META-INF*****

Credits: Risugami’s, thanks for the fantastic mod and we want you could possibly make some additional!

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