Flux Networks Mod

That’s made by Ollie Lansdell and allow you to build Wireless Energy Networks, and there are useful to help you customize these networks and including manage the flow of energy across into your minecraft world. Moreover, this Flux Networks Mod still support with the RF and Tesla mod and there are some features to save your time and decreasing lag that remove the cables. So, let’s check this mod out when you ready.

Flux Networks Mod

Flux Networks Mod Main Features

  • This features that give you the new ability to help you guys build Wireless Energy Networks.
  • You guys can customize networks and mange the flow of energy across as easier.
  • The player can transfer energy across dimensions as easier.
  • Support and wokring very well with RF and Tesla
  • Add new features to help you charge items in your inventory faster by using the Wirelessly charge
  • You can name and colour and configure access into your network simple
  • Allow to seting the maximum of energy transfer for each connection in the network and etc.

Flux Networks Mod Pros and Cons


  • Many features of this mod that useful that help you to fix or customize networks and build Wireless Energy Networks as easier
  • There are support with the RF and Tesla Including: the configure access, name and colour, seting maximum energy and etc by simple
  • Support the another mod-pack that you have


  • Requires Sonar Core and Minecraft Forge before using this mod at the begining

How to install Flux Networks Mod

  1. First, download and install the Minecraft forge and Sonar Core
  2. Go to ‘run’ at your windows menubar and type %appdata%
  3. Looking for .minecraft folder and download this mod
  4. Drag and drop the file downloaded .jar into your mods folders
  5. Open your game or launcher your minecraft
  6. Playing!
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