ForgeCraft x64 Texture Pack

ForgeCraft x64 Texture Pack

There are not many texture pack out there that improve the texture to become much more realistic yet still keep the cartoon and fantasy feel of MineCraft. That why i am here to present to you ForgeCraft x64 Texture Pack. This texture pack will appeal to many MineCrafter, cause you will be able to play realistically but still it keep the gaming feel within.

ForgeCraft x64 Texture Pack

ForgeCraft x64 Texture Pack

ForgeCraft x64 Texture Pack

ForgeCraft x64 Texture Pack Completely re-texture everything in MineCraft. The ore block look brilliant, the coloring balance is perfect with a mixture of dark and bright color. Building block look much sharper, larva and water become animated and look more alive. All in all this texture pack is perfect in what it offer. A realistic gaming environment with surreal cartoonish look. You will still feel like you are in MineCraft but then sometime you will feel totally different. It really hard to explain it in word.

ForgeCraft x64 Texture Pack is one of a kind. Download it today and fully experience what i have been rambling about yourself. You won’t regret choosing this pack. Add a shader pack to this pack and you will have a whole new level of realistic. Remember to show your support by clicking on the like button on this page and this website

ForgeCraft x64 Texture Pack Main Features

  • Realistic yet still keep the cartoonish feel
  • Resolution of 64 x 64

ForgeCraft x64 Texture Pack Pros and Cons


  • Realistic texture pack without losing the fantasy feel
  • Very nicely done color balance is stop on


  • Nothing bad to say about this texture pack

ForgeCraft x64 Texture Pack Change Log

  • Change some of the ore block texture
  • Compatible with latest MineCraft

How to install ForgeCraft x64 Texture Pack

  1. Download ForgeCraft x64 Texture Pack from our download link below
  2. Type in %appdata% in the search engine
  3. Locate .minecraft folder found in roaming
  4. Find Texturepack folder found in .minecraft
  5. Copy and Paste this texture pack into Texturepack Folder
  6. Start up MineCraft, remember to choose this texture pack
  7. Done! Happy Gaming Fellow MineCrafter