The Forsaken King Map

Another one of the best RPG based map called The Forsaken King Map. Its name might not really tell you what this map is about. This map is created to be an instance for MMORPG. Actually, it’s based on RPG game style, but it’s open-world as well.

The Forsaken King Map

The Forsaken King Map

The Forsaken King Map

The Forsaken King Map

The Forsaken King Map is an adventure map full of potential and waiting to be maximized its potential in the near future as well. This map is based on MMORPG style providing players the challenges, the new gameplay experience with tons of new contents. Also, this map is very big. You probably know the meaning of that right? It means you are going to spend a lot of time playing this map because it’s big and it’s based on MMORPG. Game based on this style will eventually take you all day to play with it and it’s the rule or else you won’t be able to catch up your friends. Spare time for it, I promise that it’s going to be worth. First of all, you will be spawned in the area where you need to choose your classes first. There are 4 classes provided including of Wizard, Marksman, Tank, and Fighter. Once you have chosen the class just push the button to start your adventure in this world. When you are running down the walkway, you may feel like it’s too small, but that’s like the testing point to test your patient about this map because other contents that you will face from this map like the Boss Hall with tons of mobs that work pretty much like the dungeon will give you loads of fun full of challenges. Unfortunately, this map is not finish. However, it’s over half way there and when it’s finished, it will be even more epic.

If you are those who love playing with the MMORPG games, this time you will be able to enjoy it through the world of Minecraft and it’s not going to regret you for sure. This The Forsaken King Map is actually one of the best MMORPG map so far right now, we just need to wait until it’s all finished for all the details and contents that were supposed to be added.

The Forsaken King Map Main Features

  • This map is an adventure map based on RPG open world map full of challenges
  • This map is supposed to be playing by 4 players
  • There are 4 different classes given for you to choose including of Wizard, Marksman, Tank, and Fighter

The Forsaken King Map Pros and Cons


  • This map gives you completely the brand new experience of playing Minecraft which it’s all based on the RPG game. You are able to choose your own classes depending on your preference. Following the texts or the guidelines. Doing side and main quests. Fighting boss. That’s what you will get from playing with this map
  • Loads of fun, full of challenges


  • The challenges in this map will make you die so many times if you try soloing it
  • This map is not finished, so stay tuned for the updates and the release of the map

How to install The Forsaken King Map

  1. Download The Forsaken King Map
  2. Go to %appdata%
  3. Open .minecraft
  4. Head into saves folder
  5. Place the downloaded new map in here
  6. Start the game, select new map
  7. Sit back, relax, and have fun!
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