Fortune Ores Mod

Are you tired of building your own iron and gold farm in survival mode? It’s super tired when you have to set up and plan everything on your own as those farms would cost you an arms and legs as well as a lot of effort. Why do we do that though? Because iron and gold come in a form of block when mined which can be then smelted into 1 ingot per 1 ore block right? Now, you don’t have to worry about that when you have this Fortune Ores Mod covered.

Fortune Ores Mod

Fortune Ores Mod 1

Fortune Ores Mod 2

Fortune Ores Mod 3

Fortune Ores Mod is one of the most useful mod that I’ve encountered with. It eventually makes something truly useful when it comes to mining. As mentioned above that it tries to make iron and gold become more worthy when mined and smelted. First of all, this mod simple applies those two ore blocks to come in a form of chunk or pieces of the blocks when mined.

It basically means that you can yield much higher with your harvest. However, you still need to smelt these chunks or piece of blocks. Who cares, really? As long as it gives us a vast improvement over the standard ones right? Now, here comes the real feature, you might want to mine those two blocks with your fortune III enchanted pickaxe and let’s see the result. Normally, you would get much more from diamond and coal blocks right? But now you can get many more chunks of the iron and gold blocks when mine. If you feel like this is not right for you at some moments, you can just use the silk touch enchanted pickaxe if you want them to drop as an ore block form instead.

In addition, this Fortune Ores Mod actually adds several new ores which have been design to use with other tools and armor related mod, so that’s one of the way to maximize the potential of this mod. Anyway, with the plain features given, I think that would be entirely useful for your Minecraft life now.

Fortune Ores Mod Main Features

  • This mod simply makes iron and gold blocks become individual pieces of block when mined like chunks
  • Using silk touch on all the ores will give you the normal and original form of particular blocks
  • There are several new ores add as well which is purposely design to work with other mods for tools and armor

Fortune Ores Mod Pros and Cons


  • As of right now with this mod installed, you can use fortune enchanted pickaxe to mine the iron and gold blocks that will come in pieces and it basically means that you can yield with much higher output


  • To maximize its full potential of the mod, you might need to install some other mods that are tools and armor related
  • Minecraft Forge with the most compatible version is heavily recommend

How to install Fortune Ores Mod

  1. This mod requires Minecraft Forge to work properly with fully functionality and feature, so download and have it installed first
  2. Download Fortune Ores Mod with .jar or .zip
  3. Be sure to get both files with the most compatible version comparing to your game
  4. Navigate yourself to your Minecraft directory or simply search for %appdata%/.minecraft
  5. Look for mods folder and open it
  6. Place the downloaded mod file into the mods folder
  7. All done and enjoy
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