Fossil Archeology Mod

Fossil Archeology Mod update now! Would you like to get download and install Fossil Archeology Mod right now? yeah! come on here. Today I would like to show you about Fossil Archeology Mod, this version fix update new release with current minecraft version. I find that many times there are a lot of players who want to download and install this version. But you still have a problem with it all time. The day we should tell you much more about the creation of the amazing work called “Fossil Archeology Mod“. Updated and revised plans for growth in the future. And it will be updated more. If you expect to get something great. And look for the special issue, please follow the article, and help us solve the problem. If you enjoy, please do not forget to tell us.

Fossil Archeology Mod

Fossil Archeology Mod

Fossil Archeology Mod Description

If you become a fan of Fossil Archeology Mod and you follow this mod in the first version, you will find that. it has changed a lot about “Fossil Archeology Mod” in this version. Last, for a new player to ever play Fossil Archeology Mod in first time. This will help you get more fun and enjoyment. Fossil Archeology Mod adds a lot of it is impossible to cover. So I would like to show you the list some of the new features for you. It adds some nice features in the new Minecraft mobs all the new tools, new factories, new food with a lot of new crafting recipes to remember and much more. Are you ready to download and install this version. right now? Just look at link download below and have fun!

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Fossil Archeology Mod

Fossil Archeology Mod Main Feature

  • Remake the Dinopedia using GUI
  • Add Research Table (directed to dinopedia)
  • Add Fossil Structurer Table (directed to fossil models)
  • Analyzers powered by red power
  • Add Time machine
  • Cultivate will have a new slot at GUI for chicken eggs (it will be used as source)
  • Add saddles to ride the mobs
  • Add buy and sell system to assist the Multiplayer

Fossil Archaeology Changelogs

  • Compatibility with current Minecraft version
  • Some SMP/LAN functions were deleted

How to Install Fossil Archeology Mod

  1. Download ModLoader or Minecraft Forge API Mod
  2. Install ModLoader and AudioMod
  3. Download  Fossil Archeology Mod!
  4. Delete META INF
  5. Drag the files into .minecraft
  6. Enjoy and play!
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