Freedom Sky Survival Map

Have you ever played Skyblock map, if you have and you still enjoy playing with it, I would like to recommend you guys to have a look at this Freedom Sky Survival Map which is pretty much like Skyblock, but there are some new features that are very interesting and unique that can’t be found in Skyblock like shop, achievement and NPC trading systems. Let’s check it out!

Freedom Sky Survival Map

Freedom Sky Survival Map

Freedom Sky Survival Map

Freedom Sky Survival Map is a map created by ManukaHunny and he’s Thai! There are two versions including English and Thai versions. This map is just like Skyblock map with the same gameplay or play style. But that won’t be any new things interesting and special about this map right? Actually, this map is quite different as there is a shop available for you to purchase and trade the stuff in need and some achievements that you might want to complete them all. This map is highly recommended to play in 1.9 version of Minecraft without any mods installed. You might want to prepare yourself a time to play this map as it might take quite a long time to finish just like skyblock. Once you spawn in this map, you will receive some diamonds that can be used to trade the items with NPC like lava and water bucket, blocks and many more things. Playing with this map, you don’t have to worry much as monster can’t destroy blocks and your inventory is safe when you’re dead. More than that, you can even obtain some special items by redeemed in code that can be gotten from manukahunny facebook. It’s a little bit different that your island is made of stone, but in the chest, you will receive 10 wooden planks, 50 cobblestones and 1 dirt. Be sure to bring out all your best survival skills and start building your own island with massive structures and show other players about your wealth. At the end of the map, you need to complete all the achievements and go to the End to fight the Ender Dragon and defeat, after that bring back its egg.

This Freedom Sky Survival Map can be played both single-player and multi-player, but I really recommend you to play it on multi-player or server as that will even make you enjoy more when you have your competitors as your motivation in order to win this contests. This map works just like skyblock map except that there is shop and NPC trading and achievement involved, hope you all adapt quickly to this map!

Freedom Sky Survival Map Main Features

  • This map is based on survival maps
  • There is a shop where you can trade and purchase stuff in exchange of your belongings
  • There is NPC villagers that can be used to trade stuff using your based diamond only
  • There are achievements that you can follow to complete

Freedom Sky Survival Map Pros and Cons


  • This map is like Skyblock with a better system and feature provided which of course give players better gameplay as well
  • The brand new experience will be delivered to you with the theme of Skyblock
  • At the beginning, you will receive some diamonds that can be used to trade valuable stuff with NPC, the gameplay will be slightly easier than Skyblock


  • Everything is good except the diamond that give to all players when started and that is way too helpful and not challenging at all

How to install Freedom Sky Survival Map

  1. Download Freedom Sky Survival Map from the link download below
  2. Don’t forget to download only one version that is the most compatible comparing to your game’s version as well
  3. Go to %appdata% and look for .minecraft folder
  4. Find saves folder and open it
  5. Copy and paste the downloaded map file into the saves folder
  6. All done, select the new map in-game and apply
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