FTBLib Mod

Hey guys look up this is a library mod of ‘FTB’ which made by the groups that called ‘Feed The Beast’. So, this FTBLib Mod is amazing mod that allow you guys to edit configs in-game easier which include the multiple modes within the same pack and more.

FTBLib Mod

FTBLib Mod Main Features

  • It’s not only have the feature of config that you guys can found the more feature list and info here: http://guides.latmod.com/guide/?id=ftbl
  • This version that very useful when you playing with the all of ‘FTB’ and in the same pack.

FTBLib Mod Pros and Cons


  • Allow you guys to fix or edit something what’s you like easier.
  • In the multiple modes and same pack that support too.


  • All of ‘FTB’ pack that need the ‘FTBLib Mod’ to playing.
  • In the version 1.9.4, when you would like to change the mod just type: /ftb packmode set [mode] or just find folders: saves/world/world_data.json and replace “mode” value
  • And the 1.7.10 that not same, just type: /ftb_mode set [mode] in your chart or let’s try to go: saves/world/ and type the mode in “ftb_gamemode.txt

How to install FTBLib Mod

  1. Frist of all, just install the Minecraft Forge before playing this
  2. Then, run on your windows menu
  3. Just, type %appdata% and looking the .minecraft folders
  4. Drag and drop the file downloaded .jar into mods folders
  5. Launcher your game and playing
  6. Done!
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