Funland Map

Don’t you think that the game does not provide you enough fun? Even if the game or Minecraft is one of the best game out there which is about survival and realistic related, but still you can get bored easily because you find yourself struggling and having nothing to do. Still waiting for the new contents? Or the new updates of the game? No, you don’t have to, just check this awesome Funland Map out!

Funland Map

Funland Map

Funland Map

Funland Map is a pretty cool map which comes like a series and now there are 3 versions of this kind of map currently. As you can see from those screenshots above that the theme or the concept of this map is based on the theme parks which everybody has ever been as a kid. The fun land is an immense park which there are so many things that you can enjoy with including 16 roller coasters, 10 water rides or water slider, a dozen of other amusements. Moreover, imagine the time when you go to swim at the park and you get tired, what will you do? You surely will find something to eat for sure. As this map also gives you plenty of restaurants. This series is like one of the best map that I will use and spend most of the time for it when I feel bad in any of my real life day.

If you want to remind or call back your memories about hour childhood back when the time you used to go to the theme park, amusement park or anything like that. So, this Funland Map is a must that you will find yourself and enjoy like you are a kid again.

Funland Map Main Features

  • 16 roller coasters
  • 10 water rides or water sliders
  • a dozen of other amusements
  • Various restaurants

Funland Map Pros and Cons


  • You are going to have plenty thing to see and to do
  • Remind you of your childhood
  • You will feel like you are delivered into the another world. The world for kid like us 😛 hehe
  • This map requires no mod, so it should be worked with or compatible with earlier versions of Minecraft as well


  • There will be so many things added to amuse you, but you might not be able to try them all
  • You might need something like Brochure of the map to guide you where to do and where to go as well.

How to install Funland Map

  1. Download Funland Map from the link provided below
  2. Be sure to download the version that suit your game’s version best
  3. Search for roaming/.minecraft/saves folder and open it
  4. Once you open the saves folder, just put the downloaded file above into this folder and done
  5. Select new map from the main menu
  6. Enjoy the amusement park in the world of Minecraft
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