Gakai’s Flight Table Mod

Have you ever wanted to fly into the sky without having to change your gamemode? That’s actually what mod people have been wishing to be able to do in server side. However, it seems like there is just a few mod allowing them to do that. So, today, I present you guys a new one called Gakai’s Flight Table Mod




Gakai’s Flght Table Mod is a mod that has been designed to allow players to do what I mentioned above which is pretty much like as if you are playing in creative mode. However, flying is a feature that is quite powerful as it allows you to travel much faster with ease, so that is some cost that you need to invest some in order to be able to do that. Basically, this thing that will take you to the sky is the table which is required to use three different types of fuel to give flying ability over a given range. So, better materials provided for it, the farther you can go. You might want to feed the table a redstone signal in order to turn it of and stop it from being used by other players. One thing that is worth keeping in mind that you will never die from falling damage even if you fall because you won’t take any damage from it as long as you still stay on the table flight’s range. As some of you can realize that this mod would absolutely take away all the exciting an fun aspect of gameplay, but if you wish to fly around the world in any mode of gameplay except the creative one, then this mod would be best suitable for you.

Besides, that’s all what this Gakai’s Flight Table Mod is about, so if you expect anything else from this mod, you shouldn’t! This is a mod for those who love flying around, escaping danger suddenly and for some other reasons. It seems that this mod tends to be good for those players who are very sensitive of dangerous things and panic when it comes to escaping or fighting, so flying away would be the safest way for them.

Gakai’s Flight Table Mod Main Features

  • You are allowed to fly without using any gamemode, but you need to have the table given by this mod to fly throughout the world
  • There are 3 different types of fuel used to give flying ability to be better over a given range

Gakai’s Flight Table Mod Pros and Cons


  • You can craft your own flight which is table that will take you into the sky and allow you to travel around the world just like you’re flying
  • If you use better materials to craft your flying table, the range will be expanded even wider, so that means you can travel farther


  • You are going to need to spend some of your investment to create the flying table
  • When you fly out the edge of the limited range, you will be suddenly fall together with your table
  • Flying with table may sound and look ridiculous and it really does

How to install Gakai’s Flight Table Mod

  1. Download Minecraft Forge and have it installed first
  2. Download the mod name is Gakai’s Flight Table Mod with .jar or .zip file from the download link below
  3. Be sure to download the most compatible version comparing to your game’s version
  4. Go to %appdata%
  5. Open in .minecraft
  6. Look for mods folder and just simply put the downloaded file into the mods folder
  7. All done
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