Galfni – Gigantic Dwarven City Map

Another freaking awesome map called Galfni – Gigantic Dwarven City Map that will make you breath-taking or even blow heavily your mind by its awesome design and detail. You might really want to check it out now, but first take a look at some awesome screenshots first. This map is just awesome that you won’t be able to resist that it’s not!

Galfni - Gigantic Dwarven City Map

Galfni - Gigantic Dwarven City Map

Galfni - Gigantic Dwarven City Map

Galfni – Gigantic Dwarven City Map is a map based on custom maps which made by an awesome developer team named MCAlagaesia Master Builder Hotline_101, with help from the rest of the MCAlagaesia Team. This map is actually about the giant Dwarven City, Galfni. This place was built by the stone masons of Durgrimst Gedthrall, Galfni is a city of mining and architecture. It could be said that this project aims to recreate Eragon’s world of Alagaesia in Minecraft. So, most of aspects that you see in this place will be familiar with the theme of that world. This place is something unbelievably awesome, it’s so epic. Those underground details are something that you haven’t expected before because building details underground are just pain in the as*. Those dwarf builds are so intricate and have such a high contrast between the lighted areas and unlighted ones. I can’t really wait until this map is actually finished and goes public. But the good news is the team is working on building a new city town or thing every week. This is such a spectacular job for this epic place. This really shows how awesome the real dwarves are when it comes to architecture and design. This is the map contains of awesome build, awesome style, everything is just perfect!

Even if this Galfni – Gigantic Dwarven City Map is a just custom map to show how awesome it is in both of the design using lighted and unlighted place or underground areas where the dwarves are living. Also, as it’s based on the recreation of the world in Eragon, it might remind you of some awesome memories.

Galfni – Gigantic Dwarven City Map Main Features

  • This map is based on a custom map showing the awesome designs that was very neat and awesome detailed
  • This map adds in the new giant city populated by Dwarves called Galfni which was built by the stone masons
  • This city shows the passion of mining and architecture

Galfni – Gigantic Dwarven City Map Pros and Cons


  • Everything looks so epic
  • It’s based on the world in Eragon, so you might remind something from that movies in this map
  • Tons of awesome designs especially those stuff underground, even if they use world edit to make, but somehow building something underground needed to be put so much effort into and the results are all freaking worth


  • There is no time confirmed when this server goes public
  • This map is absolutely beautiful, there is nothing bad about it for 100% sure

How to install Galfni – Gigantic Dwarven City Map

  1. Download Galfni – Gigantic Dwarven City Map
  2. Be sure to download the most compatible version or the latest version of the map
  3. Go to your Minecraft directory by opening the searching browser and simply type in %appdata%/.minecraft
  4. Look for saves folder
  5. Drag and drop the downloaded file into the saves folder
  6. Launch the game, apply the new map that you just installed
  7. Have fun!
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