GeruDoku RPG Texture Pack

A lot of user complain that this pack have no original idea whatsoever to it and it just a pack where the creator take out all the other popular pack strong point and mix it all together. Basically this GeruDoku RPG Texture Pack from Doku himself, Glimmar, GodOfNeon and a lot more that are too many to list. While the creator did credit all his “partnet” not many people actually accept this work until this lastest update where he actually overdo all of the texture and make it into a very unique pack!

GeruDoku RPG Texture Pack

GeruDoku RPG Texture Pack

GeruDoku RPG Texture Pack Main Features

This pack is definitely worth getting. It is brand new and it got a lot of new features added to this texture pack which will not disappoint you. While it may not be an original work it still a work worth giving credit to and it show by how popular this texture have become

GeruDoku RPG Texture Pack Changelogs

  • Fix and update now! But not complete in the last version of Minecraft 100%
  • Please check your version before use this texture pack

How to install GeruDoku RPG Texture Pack

  1. Download MCPatcher and Option Fine
  2. Download the GeruDoku RPG Texture Pack
  3. Copy the ZIP file of this pack into your “texturepacks” folder of your “.minecraft” folder.
  4. Launch Minecraft
  5. Have Fun!
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