GirlCraft Texture Pack For Minecraft 1.8/1.7.4/1.7.2/1.6.4/1.6.2

GirlCraft Texture Pack fix and update right now! Have you ever seen look like Texture Packs before? GirlCraft Texture Pack it’s amazing version and very useful for you. this texture pack can compatible with current minecraft version. If you download and install this version. So, If you are a woman, GirlCraft Texture Pack is a must for you. you can change the whole entire feel of the game such as atmosphere, dull browns, greens, greys and black fill the horizon. it will be very useful for people that like the captivating look and hate pixelated!

GirlCraft Texture Pack

GirlCraft Texture Pack

GirlCraft Texture Pack

GirlCraft Texture Pack

GirlCraft Texture Pack this will help you to get effective way of changing the way that Minecraft feels. Its looking like a more complete pack now! (done! it will allow you to get mob anyway) Personally, I’m quite sure that many people still love In this excellent work version or any version. Look interesting! Right? If you looking for the best version at the wonderful and flawless of texture pack. And want to get the full experience, I recommend this one and you should not be abandoned. Last, If you are a woman, GirlCraft Texture Pack is a must for you.

GirlCraft Texture Pack Changelogs

  • Update new link and new release with current minecraft version.
  • Also added a zip file for those who dont wanna mess around with the jar

GirlCraft Texture Pack Features

  • Add effective way of changing more.
  • Change the whole entire feel of the game such as atmosphere, dull browns, greens, greys and black fill the horizon.
  • Add vondells scary monsters.
  • Default black with this texture pack that will transformed into colourful cubes
  • Obsidian blocks are textured as horizontal

How to install GirlCraft Texture Pack

  1. Download the GirlCraft Texture Pack
  2. Open you Minecraft foder
  3. You’re in “.minecraft” folder
  4. Select your “texture pack” folder
  5. Copy and paste your texturepack here
  6. Drop the folder into your ‘saves’ folder of your Minecraft.jar
  7. Do not unzip the texturepack files
  8. Run the game
  9. Done!

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    I remember using this when I first got minecraft but had to stop using it because it wasn’t updatated

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