Gladiator Arena PvP Map – Download Gladiator Arena PvP Map. Nice this is a Team Deathmatch Arena map that uses a best out of 3 rounds system. The map runs on the latest snapshot. Wow, what do you think about this version. it’s amazing map!!! I’m sure you will love this map and enjoy this map. Now If you use this map, you can choose between 3 classes: archer, warrior and rogue. Do you want to download and install Gladiator Arena PvP Map right now? If you want to download and use this, Just downloading Gladiator Arena PvP Map.

Developer by thanks for amazing this map!!! Gladiator Arena PvP Map

How to Install Gladiator Arena PvP Map

  1. First of all you will have to donwload the map
  2. Extract the map to your desktop
  3. Rename it as “World1″ and it will be placed in your world 1 slot
  4. Copy your world1 folder and go to start
  5. Then find your “run”
  6. Type there “%appdata%”
  7. Then go to this “Gladiator Arena PvP Map”
  8. Then “.minecraft”
  9. Then “saves”
  10. Paste your map here
  11. DONE!