Gods’ Weapons Mod

Are you looking for a cool mod that you have been looking for something new? Even just a little bit of changes could make you feel happy? If it comes in that way, I would like you to check this awesome mod out which is called Gods’ Weapons Mod.

Gods’ Weapons Mod Gods’ Weapons Mod

Gods’ Weapons Mod

Gods’ Weapons Mod is a pretty simple mod which will do exactly the same thing as the title say. Basically, this mod will add in many new items, armors, and weapons that you will really enjoy with them because all of the things being added are based on the different mythologies which you might be similar with some of them when you see the pictures right? Anyways, those new armors and weapons will take you such a long journey to make them because the requirement that requires tons of material, so this might be a tough work, but it should keep you go to the same direction till it’s done. I promise you that even if that take you times to craft, but it might be called the most effective and efficient weapons and armors that Minecraft ever have. There will be extremely powerful weapons and armors which each one has their own special abilities and some custom enchantments.

Such a sweet mod ever created together with those art work and texture for the new stuff added look freaking awesome and can see how much effort the developer has put into it. So, this Gods’ Weapons Mod might be just a simple mod, but you will definitely have fun with it for sure.

Gods’ Weapons Mod Main Features

  • New more powerful items, armors and weapons added
  • All the things added based on the different mythologies

Gods’ Weapons Mod Pros and Cons


  • New weapons and armors which are far more powerful than the old one based on the different mythologies
  • These new things being added are going to provide you some fun of using it though


  • Those new weapons and armors requires tons of materials to be crafted
  • This mod needs Minecraft Forge to work perfectly

How to install Gods’ Weapons Mod

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge first as it’s required
  2. Download Gods’ Weapons Mod from the link download below
  3. Head to your %appdata% folder and look for .minecraft folder and open it
  4. Find mods folder and put the downloaded file into this folder
  5. All done
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