Grass Burner Mod

This is a new mod that not help much, but useful for you guys by remove grass at 30×30 area without dropping pesky seeds or flowers. So, if you use this mod to set up your camp it will helpful much especially in combination with minecolonies.

Grass Burner Mod

Grass Burner Mod 1

Grass Burner Mod 2

Grass Burner Mod 3

Okay guys! if you looking for great idea like this Grass Burner Mod. Don’t miss this version. Also, this already fixed and update soon such as : that adds durability to the tool and remove some of debug spam from log, more over that fixed some grass that not remove under of trees.

Grass Burner Mod Main Features

  • Okay guys! like you know before that will remove area in a 30×30 without drops.
  • And this is the last version that have been already fixed

Grass Burner Mod Pros and Cons


  • It easy to use and help you guys to remove some area that you don’t wan’t it.
  • Remove fast on 30×30 of your area


  • Personally, I think this not help you guys much and this mod still require the minecraft forge to install before using the mod.

How to install Grass Burner Mod

  1. First, just download and install the forge
  2. Download the Grass Burner Mod
  3. Find the run on windows bar
  4. Then, type %appdata% and you will found the .minecraft folder
  5. Copy and past the file downloaded into the mods folder
  6. Open your launcher of minecraft
  7. Done!
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