Gravitation Suite Mod

Adds in various sets of armour and tools. The mod is named just after its principal armour set, the Gravitation set. Every piece does a thing diverse and awesome all simultaneously. The physique armour enables you to fly like you are in inventive mode for as much as 20 minutes. has exactly the same specs as quantum armour, has ten,000,000 EU of storage, you’ll be able to use it as storage (you are able to charge and discharge it at an MFE or MFSU), supplies a charge for your tools, and in the event you overlook whether or not you may have fly mode on you’ll be able to just appear in the visual indicator inside the GUI. To access all the items within this Gravitation Suite Mod you may will need the Sophisticated Solar Panels mod, which may be identified right here. The Vajra could be the ultimate tool. It combines the function of each single tool, and may break Each and every block inside the game aside bedrock with 1 hit. That energy is fairly costly, although. The recipes for the elements as well as the Vajra itself :

Vajra Core

Gravitation Suite Mod for Minecraft 1.6.1 and 1.5.2


Gravitation Suite Mod for Minecraft 1.6.1 and 1.5.2

Gravitation Suite Mod I’d recommend generating a GraviTool as swiftly as you possibly can (recipe not readily available). It’ll aid lessen that inventory clutter that obtaining 3 tools may cause.

Gravitation Suite Mod Main Features

  • Adds inside the Gravitation Suite (it is a suit.)
  • Adds in 3 tools
  • New solar helmet when you have the Sophisticated Solar Panels mod.
  • Upgraded lappack.
  • The ultimate tool, Vajra, which breaks something in 1 hit.

Gravitation Suite Mod Pros and Cons


  • Adds in new tools which definitely enable
  • Adds in armour which fuels tools, allows you to fly, and considerably extra
  • Upgraded diamond drill and chainsaw
  • Upgraded lappack


  • Rather high priced, each in base expense and in power. Solar panels are normally good, even though.

How to install Gravitation Suite Mod

  1. Set up IC2
  2. Optional: Set up the Sophisticated Solar Panels mod (this mod utilizes solar panels from there to create the solar helmet)
  3. Download the Gravitation Suite Mod
  4. Drag the GraviSuite Mod’s archive file into your Mods folder
  5. Run Minecraft and appreciate.