G’s Smooth Modern HD Texture Pack 1.11.2/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10

This is all about looking modern, realistic and smooth without losing the MineCraft original feel. This G’s Smooth Modern HD Texture Pack have a nice blend between realism and fantasy theme and it work best when you are using it in free flowing creative mode when you are playing MineCraft

Whether you like it Rome style or you like tall building in modern looking environment, this pack will offer you all that. There isn’t much that you can’t build with this pack install, that why G’s Smooth Modern HD Texture Pack will fill the demand wanted by MineCraft builders. Whether you want to build a Coliseum, Stone hedge or Great Wall of China this pack will allow you to do that!

G’s Smooth Modern HD Texture Pack

G’s Smooth Modern HD Texture Pack

G’s Smooth Modern HD Texture Pack was made with HD (High definition) resolution in mind and it obviously works best in HD resolution 256x. Due to this features, you will need a rather strong computer to make use of this pack features.

G’s Smooth Modern HD Texture Pack Main Feature

Looking good and all in MineCraft normally will eat up a lot of your FPS and this pack is no different. That is the only disadvantage that this pack have, so for all those who love to build and love to use world edit this is the pack for you to have. This pack will fulfill all your fantasy and it will change the way you plan your MineCraft building period.

G’s Smooth Modern HD Texture Pack Changelogs

  • Mineral blocks tweaked.
  • CTM support for mining.
  • tweaked a little in the night sky.
  • Add new lightmap.
  • Nether change.
  • Some changes GUI.
  • Reduced size!
  • For the lastest MineCraft version, this pack is still a work in progress so it not 100% complete

How to install G’s Smooth Modern HD Texture Pack

  1. Just Find your minecraft.jar file on Windows,
  2. Download the G’s Smooth Modern HD Texture Pack
  3. it was “% appdata% /. Minecraft / bin.
  4. Create a backup of minecraft.jar minecraft.jar.
  5. And open it in the editor using WinRar or extraction tool of your choice.
  6. Delete the META-INF folder and drag and drop.
  7. Class files from the downloaded zip file into the jar file, which will allow you to replace the previous file.
  8. Run Minecraft and enjoy!
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