Halo Minecraft Map

Let’s see what I have for you guys today? Even if I’m not telling you, still you would probably know from the title of this page right? So, this is the map which called Halo Minecraft Map. Still get confused of what this map is about? So, let’s check a couple of awesome screenshots below which will amaze you!

Halo Minecraft Map

Halo Minecraft Map

Halo Minecraft Map

Halo Minecraft Map is one of a must download and try out map which made by ‘harbear’. This map is quite complicated if you do not know the background story, but I do not know as well. Still I enjoy this map a lot. As you can see the pictures above, I do not have to tell you that much or the details given by this map right? Anyways, what is done in this map is that there will be the main story and 2nd floor, the underground garages and workstations, the frigate docking bat, the sub level landing area and elephant storage, the ships and vehicles including Hornet, Falcon, Warthog, RocketHog, Mongoose, the underground road system, the garage, the barracks, and many more to come in the next update. So, just from you read that, this map is like a military base on somewhere in the world which contain so many things inside it, if it’s in underground, that would be much interesting because it is more secret right? But, just to let you know that this pack is still a work in progress, just 65% complete, so there will be something missing, like the interior that is pretty much empty.

Anyways, just from the given things that you could see in the pictures, or even when you play it, you will feel like, that’s it. Because according to everything contained in this map is enough to enjoy the loads of fun with. So, don’t you really want to give this Halo Minecraft Map a go? You might regret, maybe 😛

Halo Minecraft Map Main Features

  • Garage and the underground garages and workstations added
  • Sub level landing area added
  • Elephant storage added

Halo Minecraft Map Pros and Cons


  • Even if this map is not done yet, still the textures and details given for now will make you enjoy the loads of fun given by this map for sure
  • The next update is very interesting due to many things to come including halo pelican dropship, finished interior and many more


  • The interior is pretty much empty so far, so do not expect there will be some awesome stuff in there though
  • The exterior designs are quite basic and the color choice used is quite boring
  • This map is just 65% complete

How to install Halo Minecraft Map

  1. Download Halo Minecraft Map from the link download below
  2. Select the version that you want to play with
  3. Go to %appdata% and look for .minecraft folder
  4. Open saves file and simply put the new map file that you download into this folder
  5. All done, select the new map inside your game from the start menu
  6. Have fun!
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