HALO Minecraft WARS Texture Pack

Don’t you feel bored when you are playing Minecraft? What are the reasons that make you feel that way? If you do not know, let me show you some example. That might be because you got nothing to do in Minecraft anymore or you just feel bored for the atmosphere or the feeling given by Minecraft right? So, the way to solve that problem is the find the new texture for your world and I have it for you guys right now. This pack is called HALO Minecraft WARS Texture Pack.

HALO Minecraft WARS Texture Pack

HALO Minecraft WARS Texture Pack

HALO Minecraft WARS Texture Pack

HALO Minecraft WARS Texture Pack is a really cool texture pack which made by ‘fallenchecho’. This pack comes with 32×32 resolution which is an average quality, so everything that you can see in this pack is not too low and too high. This pack is highly recommended for everyone to use. Even if you are newbies to Minecraft, it will be so much fun to play around with this texture pack. One thing that I really like about this pack is the new helmets. Especially, their icons for armor, there are about 5 of them including Cloth helmet HALO Marine helmet, Chain helmet HALO ODST helmet, Iron helmet HALO MARK V helmet, Diamond helment HALO MARK VI helmet, and Gold helmet HALO CQB helmet. With any of those helmet worn on you, you will look so cool and epic lol. For the chicken that you normally always see in any other pack are quite the same, but a little bit changed for the texture right? But this pack change the chicken to be a baby Moa which look really cute. There are so many more things added and changed by this pack.

If you find this awesome HALO Minecraft WARS Texture Pack interesting and attractive, why not check it out right now and give it a go! This pack is a must download and is recommended for anyone to use it.

HALO Minecraft WARS Texture Pack Main Features

  • The resolution of this texture pack is 32×32

HALO Minecraft WARS Texture Pack Pros and Cons


  • New textures for armors look extremely epic and cool!
  • The GUI for everything looks very well done and very enjoyable
  • Mobs’ textures changed to look much more interesting and attractive


  • This pack is not finish yet, almost done, it’s about 90% completion!
  • This pack requires your fresh Minecraft to have Optifine installed before installing and using this pack
  • For some reason the grass, dirt, stone look like there is no detail in it

How to install HALO Minecraft WARS Texture Pack

  1. Optifine required, download by clicking its name and install it first
  2. Then, click the download link below and download HALO Minecraft WARS Texture Pack for the right version that suit your Minecraft
  3. Go to %appdata% and open roaming folder
  4. Open .minecraft folder
  5. Open resourcepacks folder
  6. Drag and drop the downloaded file into the resourcepacks folder
  7. Done
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