This is a MineCraft texture pack. It is called Hammerite-Craft Texture Pack. This texture makes MineCraft picture look very good. It work well with the original MineCraft theme, in fact it make MineCraft look a lot better as a whole. This texture is very smooth and well made. I like what I see when I am using it.

Hammerite-Craft Texture Pack

Hammerite-Craft Texture Pack

Hammerite-Craft Texture Pack

Hammerite-Craft Texture Pack adds realism to the game. Although this texture improves the look of the game, it actually is a lot different from what the original MineCraft have. This pack improves the graphic side of MineCraft, example fire look more alive, their shadow under every object which add life-like quality to the game.

Hammerite-Craft Texture Pack adds new texture at high detail. It is in a high-resolution of 64 x 64. It is a well-made texture pack that fit with the original style of the game of MineCraft. This texture takes us back into earlier era of human kind. It make earth feel more mysterious. It you feel the need to explore the darkness and find every dark secreat about this planet that we live on.

Hammerite-Craft Texture Pack Main Features

  • Every object in MineCraft become more detail
  • Resolution is set at 64×64

Hammerite-Craft Texture Pack Pros and Cons

  • Pros – Detail is very precise and the design is great, Shadow effect is added into the game, Excellent theme which fit with the game
  • Cons – Requires either of Optifine or Mcpatcher

How to install Hammerite-Craft Texture Pack

  1. Download Texture Pack from our download link
  2. Download and install either of Optifine or Mcpatcher
  3. Run %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft and open up resource pack
  4. Copy the downloaded texture pack into it
  5. If you use either of Mcpatcher or Optifine, open those up now
  6. Select your texture pack in the Resources packs menu
  7. You are good to go now Happy Gaming
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