Hardcore Questing Mode Mod 1.11.2/1.10.2/1.7.10

Are you finding that the content in the Minecraft game are not satisfied and not fun anymore as you have reached the highest goal of the game? As you also just found out that this game is way too easy and everything is way too simple for people like you? Want some more advance contents of the game? Just check this mod out which it’s called Hardcore Questing Mode Mod.

Hardcore Questing Mode Mod

is a mod made by Vswe, LordDusk, and ScottWears. Basically, this mod introduces a possibility to play a life based hardcore mode which mean you are going to have such a challenge to experience and you are not going to say this game is way too easy anymore. With only one life throughout the game, you will have to be careful of everything surrounded. But don’t worry about that because you can have an extra lives or cool items by complete the quests to gain rewards. Actually, there is no quests at all you, the host, have to make up all the quests for your players in your servers via the in-game editor that once you have edited that part, the quests will be shared with your friends or players of the map. It’s both fun for the host and the players. Still, this mod still maintain the original aspect of the game except it makes the game a bit annoying in a positive way though.

With this Hardcore Questing Mode Mod installed, you have to awake all the time as there is no second chance once you’ve died, you are out of game, banned from a server or get deleted. So, here is a real challenge that should be the one and only.

Hardcore Questing Mode Mod Main Features

  • Unique questing system added
  • In-game editor added
  • Death counter and tracker added
  • Loot bags or tiered reward system added

Hardcore Questing Mode Mod Pros and Cons


  • This mod will make your world becomes much more interesting by making the game mode into the hardcore one which you have only 1 life throughout the whole game, this is such a challenge!
  • By completing the quest, you will gain reward like extra lives or the items that will support you to survive in this world longer


  • Absolutely awesome mod coming up with simple ideas which there is no cons about this one except the user like the host that might put some stupid quests and kill all the players in their server and this mod needs Minecraft Forge installed as well

How to install Hardcore Questing Mode Mod

  1. Minecraft Forge is required, just download and install it first
  2. Download the mod named Hardcore Questing Mode Mod with .jar file
  3. Go to %appdata% and look for .minecraft folder, then open in
  4. Find mods folder, if you don’t have one just create one
  5. Paste the downloaded jar file into the mods folder
  6. Start the game and enjoy
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