Haunted Mansion Halloween Map

Here come the Halloween time! What do you expect you play in this time? Of course anything that relate about Halloween, the aspect, atmosphere, textures, and many more. So, I have this map for you to play with beloved one which you will have so much fun and absorb all the atmosphere given by this awesome Haunted Mansion Halloween Map.

Haunted Mansion Halloween Map

Haunted Mansion Halloween Map

Haunted Mansion Halloween Map

Haunted Mansion Halloween Map is a really cool map which will suit best to this time, as you know it’s Halloween again so be prepared to be trembled in fear! Even the game Minecraft, you can experience the atmosphere of Halloween! This map is made by bilZ. It comes with a haunted mansion with large arches and a rotating mountain. Everything that you can find in this map will remain you about Halloween. Dusky and dark atmosphere that is really suitable to play in the middle of the night. Therefore, if you are looking something to do in Halloween night. This map is heavily recommended. You just stay at home, open Minecraft and select this map. Actually, this map does not contain some co-0p playing or something like adventure, it’s just a custom map that allows you to explore and discover and experience how atmosphere in Halloween will be. So, if you want some more excitement, I would recommend you to download and install Halloween mod and play with this map, the finest and most exciting things will ever happen to your life playing Minecraft.

Don’t you find this Haunted Mansion Halloween Map interesting and cool? A great idea which allow you to go to fairy world in Halloween night. In addition, if you install Halloween mod and play together with this map, you might forget everything outside this game, I mean you might spend most of the time playing this map and mod 😛

Haunted Mansion Halloween Map Main Features

  • Haunted mansion added
  • Atmosphere of Halloween night included in this map
  • Everything look dusky and dark
  • There are ghost blocks flying in the sky

Haunted Mansion Halloween Map Pros and Cons


  • A really cool idea of making haunted mansion which look creepy and scary
  • Rotating mountain and the color used of are interesting
  • The haunted mansion look so mysterious and scary and it is waiting for you to get close to it!


  • This map is just a custom map, so all you get from this map is receiving the feeling and atmosphere
  • The ghost flying in the sky that you can see in the pictures is made from block, so they can not move
  • This map better be something more interesting and exciting like adventure map or survival map

How to install Haunted Mansion Halloween Map

  1. Download Haunted Mansion Halloween Map from the link download below
  2. Go to %appdata% and look for .minecraft folder
  3. Open your maps fodler
  4. Copy and paste the downloaded map into the maps folder
  5. Start the game
  6. Select the map from the menu selection
  7. Enjoy
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