Welcome to the world of Hay Day Map! this is a Minecraft map inspire by the game Hay Day from AppleStore. What this map does is, it let you play Hay Day in Minecraft but instead of using your finger to touch screen to plant seed, harvest and so on you will be using your MineCraft avartar to do it instead.

Hay Day Map

Hay Day Map

Hay Day Map

Hay Day Map will get very addictive if you are really into farming simulation type of game. The map will give you mission or map objective that will let you win the game. The missions are “Collect 100 wheats, collect 100 carrots, collect 100 potatoes, craft out a fish rod and catch 15 fishes, breed 2 dogs and cats, expand your farm area, make 20 bread with your wheats, produce your first charcoal which you can get from the charcoal machine and find Mumbo Jumbo easter egg.

Hay Day Map is basically a competition map that you can play with friends to see who can reach the goals first and win the game. This map is still pretty much a work in progress but still it offer another dimension to what original MineCraft does, so those that love farming game then this map is a must for you, for those that are not impress with the current level of completion then you need to keep an eye on this collum to see further update.

Hay Day Map Main Features

  • Theme made according to Hay Day
  • Mission been given that players need to meet to win game
  • Farm simulation games

How to install Hay Day Map

  1. Download and install Hay Day Map
  2. Go to Start Menu and type %appdata%, nagivate to .minecraft and then Saves
  3. Unzip this map and place folder inside Saves
  4. Open Minecraft and select from saves and go
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