Herobrine’s Mansion Adventure Map

Hi everybody, today I would like to suggest you about Herobrine’s Mansion Adventure Map that is very interesting map for the player who love to play adventure map.




Okay, let me tell you more the details of Herobrine’s Mansion Adventure Map. If you are the player who love to play adventures map, I quite sure you will love this map too. This map will give you more exciting and the main story in this map are in the large castle that has different room for you to adventure fight with monster in each room. Moreover, in each room has boss that you have to kill all of them too.

Finally, I hope all of you guys will love Herobrine’s Mansion Adventure Map because I think for the people who love adventures map don’t miss to try this one.

Herobrine’s Mansion Adventure Map Main Features

  • This map is adventure style map that can give you more exciting and have a large castle to give you adventure in it. In each room in the castle has different mobs and boss

Herobrine’s Mansion Adventure Map Pros and Cons


  • New atmosphere for playing Minecraft
  • Very fun adventure map
  • Shop system to buy item
  • 1 to 2 hours of gameplay


Important sever setting

  • Allow-flight = true
  • Spawn-animals = false
  • PVP = false
  • Enable-command-block = true
  • View-distance = 12
  • Spawn-npcs = true

If you miss any of these settings, it will occur some bug

Herobrine’s Mansion Adventure Map Change Log

  • Update to lasted version
  • Fixed some bug about Castle

How to install Herobrine’s Mansion Adventure Map

  1. Download and install Snap Shot in your computer (Please make sure it’s work)
  2. Download Herobrine’s Mansion Adventure Map from download like below us.
  3. Press start and serch for “%appdata%”
  4. Look for “.minecraft” folder
  5. Look for “saves” folder
  6. Drag the .zip files to “saves” folder and extract the .zip
  7. Already done start game enjoy!
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