More Herobrines Mod

Do you know about Herobrines? It’s a mysterious thing in Minecraft, it’s like a ghost which has the strange aura and have some haunting story about it. Sound terrifying? Yes I know, but some of you might be familiar with Herobrine. So let me show you this awesome More Herobrines Mod which will add many types of Herobrine which you have to face with them in any place you are in!

More Herobrines Mod

More Herobrines Mod

More Herobrines Mod is a mod which adds so many new deadly herobrines to your world. There are about 20 types of them that you can find all over the world with any biome depending on the types of them. Most of them are spawned on plains and open area, but there are some of them that will spawn specifically biome, like the Netherrack Herobrine and Light Herobrine that both will spawn in nether and drop netherrack and glowstone, Ice Herobrine and Snow Herobrine spawn in taiga, iceplains, ice biome, and drop ice and snow. Slow Herobrine also spawns in nether also and drop soulsand. There are some herobrine that spawns in jungle, and forest too, like Natural Herobrine which will drop leaves and vines, Forest Herobrine that drop grass. Hamburger Herobrine lol, you might think what is it, ridiculous name. His head will look like a hamburger with the whole skin of his body are burger. Also, there is a Burrito Herobrine too, which look weirdo and so cool lol. You can also find the Ender Herobrine that spawns in end and drop ender pearl. Items loot depends on of what types they are, it’s pretty easy to get loot from them, just kill them if you can xD.

I find this mod is very interesting, challenge, many new deadly monsters spawning in the game. Your Minecraft is not that easy anymore with this More Herobrines Mod.

More Herobrines Mod Main Features

  • 20 new deadly herobrines added

More Herobrines Mod Pros and Cons


  • Many new dangerous herobrines to face with
  • There are some good loots drop upon dead from herobrines


  • There are some minor bugs that can’t be fixed yet
  • This mod requires Forge in order to properly install and use it

More Herobrines Mod Change Log

  • Sushi trees added
  • Sushi sticks added
  • Sushi planks added
  • Sushi wood added
  • Compatibility with the latest version of Minecraft

How to install More Herobrines Mod

  1. Download and install Forge
  2. Download More Herobrines Mod
  3. Go to %appdata% and look for ‘.minecraft’ folder
  4. Find ‘mods’ folder
  5. Drag and drop the downloaded file into the ‘mods’ folder
  6. Run the game, and check if the mod is completely installed
  7. Done! you’re ready to go
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