Update new release at Feb 18, 2013., This is the latest work to be released recently. It has been updated to be compatible with the current version of Minecraft. High Rossferry City Texture Pack is a great gift for gamers who have a passion for creativity. It helps to form the structure of the building and the materials used are more realistic. I mean it has great features like the real thing. Of course, many people may think that it is incredible, but this time the game Minecraft. The development of a leap. It has been improved and the potential for greater resolution and clarity. High Rossferry City this is one of the models with those features, and if you are ready to get the above features. First step and most important, you have to look for the download link and install it in order to get this great feature.

High Rossferry City Texture Pack it is one of the best of the developers, they can use the other features combine to make it even more wonderful. I am sure that it is suitable for anyone who enjoys the resolution, contrast, and I am sure that you will experience special for today. If you are looking for the beautiful, blog new generation, the environment and the integration of new and unique features of the model is called “High Rossferry City Texture Pack” this generation. You should not be overlooked. I suggest you install it together with the “Misa Texture Pack”, it will work more wonderful. Well, wish you have a good time and enjoy it.

High Rossferry City Texture Pack

High Rossferry City Texture Pack Features

  • Updated 18 Februaru 2013.
  • Add new randomized blocks for CTM
  • Add new connecting glass
  • New items, new stone texture and new environment colours from Misa
  • Add new ice
  • Excluded mobs to make the file smaller

High Rossferry City Texture Pack Changelogs V1.3

  • Update new release with current MInecraft version
  • Fix resolution 64x Texture Packs

How to install High Rossferry City Texture Pack

  1. Download High Rossferry City Texture Pack
  2. Open you Minecraft foder
  3. Your in “.minecraft” folder
  4. Select your “texture pack” folder
  5. Copy and paste your texturepack here
  6. Drop the folder into your ‘saves’ folder of your Minecraft.jar
  7. Do not unzip the texturepack files
  8. Run the game
  9. Done!

Download High Rossferry City Texture Pack