Hobbit Hole Map

Hobbits like to live in a hole, They felt most at home in underground tunnels. Their belief that the Hobbits live underground all the time. But by the time of the War of the Ring, it is very rich and very poor at doing so rich a tunnel with the so-called “smials.” Brandy Hall as an example, there are three doors, front doors, side and around a hundred. Bag End the home of Bilbo Bag-gins and Frodo Bag-gins could be called. Let’s start to join this map Hobbit Hole Map

Hobbit Hole Map 1

Took smial family lived on the other hand, the poor live in burrows may be only one window. Hobbit-holes often have holes around windows and doors. Are you ready to install this Hobbit Hole Map? Just downloading here.

How to install Hobbit Hole Map

  1. Open your Start menu.
  2. Go to “Run”.
  3. Type “% appdata%”.
  4. File Roaming.
  5. Find “. Minecraft” folder.
  6. Then find the folder “save”.
  7. Copy and paste to your property.
  8. Change the name to “world1″, which will replace the one channel.
  9. Done!
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