Hologram Parkour Map

Another cool map that I would like to introduce and share with you guys is the map that I have been playing for a while, but make sure that you won’t be confused with the word hologram because there is nothing to do with it. Anyways, just check and enjoy this awesome Hologram Parkour Map. If you wish to have this map to play, there is the download link provided below.

Hologram Parkour Map

Hologram Parkour Map

Hologram Parkour Map is a really interesting map which is wonderfully and well design and made which you will find it very fun to play with. If you have ever played many different varieties of Parkour maps, I mean in the world of Minecraft. Basically, this is just like another Parkour map, but it is created upon the hologram which is a really great idea that will make you feel the difference bringing brand new experience and you will not feel bored for a while playing with this map. Inside the game, you just run through a parkour section with those invisible blocks and platforms or those template, then you just jump to the next block without seeing it. There will be the track of HUD in the game which will help to keep track of how many deaths you have and how many seconds you have been using.

With this map you will have to find out the true power of yourself because as you know that there always will be challenging things waiting for you to fight against. If you are those who love playing with challenging things, make sure not to miss this awesome Hologram Parkour Map

Hologram Parkour Map Main Features

  • Most of the incredible things challenging  provided with fairness
  • There are 8 stages in order to increase the difficulty

Hologram Parkour Map Pros and Cons


  • This map is full of challenging which you will enjoy yourself to the end
  • A very creative map ever created


  • This map might be too challenging for some people that do not like challenge which they will find it boring
  • Sometimes, the download link might uses an adf.ly link so you will have to wait for 5 seconds then click the Skip Ad then your file will be downloaded

How to install Hologram Parkour Map

  • Download Hologram Parkour Map from the link given below
  • Choose the version to download that will suit your Minecraft game best
  • Go to %appdata% and look for .minecraft
  • Look for saves folder
  • Put the whole file into the saves folder
  • All done, select new map from your starting new game
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