Hydra Vanilla Minecraft Map

Are you looking for some challenge or some new mobs that could be your new rival? As you have nothing to do with the game, I would like to give you a new mob that you could try facing it as many time as you want with the map called Hydra Vanilla Minecraft Map.

Hydra Vanilla Minecraft Map

Hydra Vanilla Minecraft Map

Hydra Vanilla Minecraft Map is a map or a project that will add new mob to the world of Minecraft which is the Hydra by using the redstone. The Hydra consists of armorstands. Depending on where the Zombie controlling the Hydra looks, all the armorstands will get teleported to a different position. Furthermore the leg animation will get started everytime the Zombie is moving. Every time the “Damage Indicator” Zombie is damaged, it will be teleported to another random body part of the Hydra. The system will recognize it if you kill it and add another head to the Hydra if you do. When the scoreboard objective HydraLevel reaches 3 and you kill the Damage Indicator once again, the Hydra will be defeated and drop those 20 Hydra Flesh. Those flesh can be used to enhance and upgrade your tools, armors and weapons even much stronger and a bit of new details added like the Hydra helmet, when you wear it, there will be other two heads of Hydra at your head’s side. Moreover, for the sword, you can shoot the fire ball to wherever you aim and Hydra bow that make you able to control the line of the arrow. Just want to suggest you to fight this creatures with flame or infinity bow and play with this map on 10 chunks render distance because you are going to lag a lot.

There are tons of redstone cycles going on and you will need a powerful computer in order to play with this awesome creatures. The animations of the Hydra and everything about it couldn’t be described as I don’t want to spoil, you’d better check it in this Hydra Vanilla Minecraft Map by yourself. Have fun!

Hydra Vanilla Minecraft Map Main Features

  • New mob added which is Hydra, tons used of redstones creating this things

Hydra Vanilla Minecraft Map Pros and Cons


  • New mob which is the Hydra with such an interesting mechanics that will blow your mind
  • Everything this creature does will amaze you whether if it’s about its attack or animation


  • You are going to need a really powerful computer to run this map because there is a lot of redstone going on the scene that help to spawn the Hydra
  • The animation and the movement of the Hydra look a bit unnatural, but overall it’s awesome

How to install Hydra Vanilla Minecraft Map

  1. Download Hydra Vanilla Minecraft Map from the link download below
  2. Download only the version that you want to play and the most compatible comparing to your game’s version as well
  3. Go to %appdata% and look for .minecraft
  4. Find saves folder and open it
  5. Drag and drop the downloaded map into the saves folder
  6. Start the game, select the new map and enjoy fighting the Hydra!
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