Ice Planet Texture Pack for Minecraft

Have you ever watched the Ice Age comic before? It was a cartoon in the Ice Age, during which time the temperature dropped so long on the texture packs and the atmosphere. And was the first to inscribe history is filled with danger. Animal world at large had to run away and escape from Blizzard, which is a comic that has been very popular, and it may make you want to go back in time to the Ice Age. And if you want to experience the excitement of an ice age, I recommend you to get acquainted with what will take you back in time to the Ice Age, it is called the Ice Planet Texture Pack. If you are looking for this experience. I recommend that you download and install it from here.

Ice Planet Texture Pack

Ice Planet Texture Pack

Ice Planet Texture Pack

Ice Planet Texture Pack is creative and exciting and wonderful work that these concepts are related to the last ice age, which is the aim of the developers is that they want to look cool and comfortable texture pack. Therefore, the texture pack will look soft colors like white, navy and blue. it is colors that will make you feel comfortable when looking at it. You will find the texture pack such as soil and grass is replace with white and blue, which represent ice. This will allow the player to experience the cold atmosphere of the Earth.

Highlights of this mod is in the sky, you can see the different planets.
You would think this is something you should not miss. I recommend that you download and install it today.

Ice Planet Texture Pack Main Features

  • Add new colors make you feel like you are in an ice age.
  • Add sky visible planets and new dramatic Box

Ice Planet Texture Pack Change logs

  • It can work well with the latest version.
  • A new color combination to look good for the environment as a whole.

How to install Ice Planet Texture Pack

  1. Download and install the McPatcher
  2. Download the Ice Planet Texture Pack
  3. Open your ResourcePacks folder
  4. Go to located at: AppData/Roaming/.minecraft/ResourcePacks
  5. Drop the .zip file into the resourcepacks folder
  6. Open your Minecraft
  7. Done!
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