Incense Mod

Another useful mod that most of you might have been looking for a really long time. Its features are pretty simple, just help you lure all the mobs and entities walking towards into a certain location. It sounds pretty cool right? More than that, you just have to craft the new item in order to do that, once you’ve obtained that items, now just let it do the work. You just sit back, relax and wait until it’s time for genocide! The mod is called Incense Mod.

Incense Mod

Incense Mod

Incense Mod is the mod that has been designed and created within 4 days for the purpose of an entry for the Modding Trails. This mod is one of the greatest mods out there in the event which will be definitely useful with the varieties and diversities given. Basically, this mod allows or lets players to create an in-game item which is probably the Incense Stick, this item can attract mobs and entities towards their location. This is a mod that will absolutely match those players who love to grind all the mobs, monsters, entities, or whatever for their own pleasure including item or experience farming without having to move far away just to lure them all. By using this stick, it’s not that powerful that can lure mobs which are far away.

Instead of that, it tends to spawn new mobs in the area of effects, so it may be way too convenient and useful. Using this mod a lot might cause boringness because you actually do nothing except stay still where you are, sit back, relax, see all the mobs getting lured towards the sticks. With the power of this new item, the way to obtain it is quite complicated as you have to craft a mortar and pestle, then make the incense paste. After that, combine with a regular stick in order to complete the Incense Stick.

As you can see that the word ‘’complicated’’ is not really that difficult though because most of the ingredients you need for this stick is fairly cheap. Moreover, this Incense Mod also gives you the configured settings that can be customized according to your preferences and likings as well, just in case that you want things to be easier and more convenient.

Incense Mod Main Features

  • This is a mod that has been designed as an entry for the Modding Trials
  • This mod adds some new recipes like Incense Paste, Incense Stick, Mortar and Pestle
  • The Incense Stick can be used to lure mobs into a certain location

Incense Mod Pros and Cons


  • By using the incense stick, you can lure a horde of zombies and mobs into 1 location and kill them with TnT or whatever you that feels like needing
  • Gathering and farming exp and items would be way too easy when you can lure them without having to put any effort into moving around to lure them yourself


  • Minecraft Forge with the most compatible version is required
  • Something that I don’t really like about this mod is that instead of luring mobs from the distance, this incense stick will tend to spawn new mobs and entities around you and if you use it in the wrong way like unlimited farming, that would be no fun at all

How to install Incense Mod

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge with the most compatible version first as it is heavily required
  2. Download the mod named Incense Mod from the link provided with the most compatible version as well
  3. Go to %appdata%
  4. Head into .minecraft folder
  5. Look for mods folder and open it
  6. Drag and drop the downloaded file here without extracting it
  7. Start the game and check if the mod works