Indiana Jones Adventure Map

This is very interesting map for people who like the Indiana Jones movies. This is because this is Indiana Jones Adventure Map adapt the story form movies into game, so I’m confident for the fans of Indiana Jones will love this map. Moreover, the map change style form survival game play to adventure game play.

Indiana Jones Adventure Map

Indiana Jones Adventure Map

Indiana Jones Adventure Map

The map will give you the new feeling that you never get form the other map. I will suggest you about the Indiana Jones Resource Pack because it can make you feel like a real Indiana Jones more than the old resource pack, Indiana Jones Adventure Map has new activity that you never seen before like a mini games, the cave, the shop and HUB. This map use the diamond as money to buy some item at shop, so you can find diamond while play in each level and HUB. If you play this map, will like it.

However, Indiana Jones Adventure Map is one alternative for the player who love to play Minecraft adventure map because many things in the map are adapt form the movies into game, so especially player who love the Indiana Jones movies

Indiana Jones Adventure Map Main Features

  • Change game play of Minecraft form survival mode to adventure mode
  • Add shop in the map can buy item
  • Quest system

Indiana Jones Adventure Map Pros and Cons


  • new feeling for player more excited for player who love the adventure game
  • Mini game more fun


  • if you play more than one player the game will be much more difficult
  • Some player who never saw Indiana Jones Movies will have no idea how to play in this map

Indiana Jones Adventure Map Change log

  • Add new quest and mini game in map
  • Some bug are fix

How to install Indiana Jones Adventure Map

  1. Download and install Snap Shot in computer
  2. Download Map form download link below
  3. Press start ,next type in %appdata% and look for folder “.minecraft”
  4. Look for ‘saves’ folder
  5. Drag the .zip files to ‘saves’ folder, then extract the .zip
  6. Start game enjoy!
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