Industrial Craft 2 Mod

Today we’re going to be starting a brand new surviving with this mod. So, you could probably already tell from the title now and before we talk about anything of this Industrial Craft 2 Mod doesn’t cover everything, but should inform you of the basics if you’re looking to pick it up the backbone of this mod is centered around sending you into the industrial age full of machines electricity and more.

Industrial Craft 2 Mod

Industrial Craft 2 Mod 1

Industrial Craft 2 Mod 2

First, this Industrial Craft 2 Mod will help you to craft many different type of armors each with their own attributes and cost and you have assets like the bronze set your basic starter, then you have the ‘nano-suit’ providing you with protection at the cost of some EU. So, you can craft your wants and use it forever by recharging. Next, you also have jetpacks, bag pack, lab packs and more.


  • the quantum set provides wonderful perks like super sprinting Hulk like jumping and lava protection. Also, feed you cans of food in exchange for some stored power along with curing poisons.

Next, you will begin your industrial age pretty early with machines like ‘electric furnace’ for cooking, ‘extractor’ for rubber, ‘compressor’ for smashing itmes for recipes like industrial diamonds, a ‘macerator’ for doubling your output, in a ‘recycle’ for your UM generation and almost all of these machines can be upgraded with module pieces.

And you also have more advanced block like the personal save for SP, teleporter, canning machine, induction furnace for super fast cooking, trade-o-mat, miner, pump and the powerful ‘mass fabricator’ that is your end-game goal to turn EU into any item you want in the game

  • you have the terraformer that’ll giving you the abillity to transform entire areas from a desert to an icy wonderland

What’s an industrial age without some advanced tools, your basics include the bronze pick, axe, shovel, sword and hole. Then, you have charged tools like the chainsaw, diamond drill, electric tree tap, mining laser and a nano saber that you can craft these charge tools once and just provide a you for operation.

Most of machines and tools in this mod are not very useful without pumping power into them, you can generate power by mini forms and this includes a generator, geothermal, solar panel, water mill, wind mill and nuclear power. You also have more store power into BatBox for easy access and you will want to wire up all of your machines to these power sources.

Industrial Craft 2 Mod Main Feature

This is important step that you should to know, before you start to craft anything :

  • First of all, that you need to make a ‘treetap’ by find the nearest rubber wood tree and sticky resin from all the trees you can see. And use your entire treetap to gather as much resin before it breaks. Once you’ve don’t that, just go to drop the resin in a chest and head to the mines.
  • Right now! stick to finding Coal, Copper, Iron, Tin, and Readstone. These are the bulk of what we need for early the early stage. Now, you can smelt some of the ores you gathered, but be patient and don’t smelt all your ore quite yet. Then, you will be able to craft an incredible machine that is called the ‘Macerator’

Industrial Craft 2 Mod Pros and Cons


  • Crafing recipes here : IC² wiki
  • With all the features you can adapt to your craft as you need it.
  • This is the latest version that has been updated and developed, which you can install earlier versions too.


  • Because the information is quite detail. So, you need to have some basic knowledge to learn the craft.
  • Last, it need the minecraft forge for install before you playing this mod

How to install Industrial Craft 2 Mod

  1. Download and install the Minecraft Forge, then install the mod
  2. Go to run from the start menu of windows
  3. Type %appdata% and look at the .minecraft folder
  4. Drag and drop the Industrial Craft 2 Mod .jar into mods folder
  5. Open you minecraft and playing!
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