Isabella II Resource Pack

The creator has announce that there will be no more update on this pack and he quit the Minecraft texture to making business as a whole. So, I hope in future the creator can come back and make this Isabella II Resource Pack soon.

Isabella II Resource Pack

Isabella II Resource Pack

If you have been playing MineCraft for a while not and have been using a lot of Texture pack then what i would say would not really surprise you. Isabella II Resource Pack is not that different from any other texture pack that you use, it focus on realistic theme while looking neat and sharp what make this pack different is entire other matter. This pack focus on fantasy theme instead so forest and some part of texture will look refreshing to you and it will give you a sense of adventure when you are using this pack.

Isabella II Resource Pack Main Features 

  • Change texture of Water
  • Texture of Grass become better
  • Change texture of creeper
  • Their option of removing the HD quality so any computer would be able to use this pack

Isabella II Resource Pack Pros and Cons


  • Very well make resource pack
  • A lot of changes being made so overall feel of MineCraft is different


  • Plug in require
  • It not 100% complete
  • Creator announce that no more update will come out

How to install Isabella II Resource Pack

  1. Download either of MCPatcher HD or Optifine and make sure it fully operational
  2. Download Isabella II Resource Pack from our download link below
  3. Start up MineCraft
  4. Select Texture Pack under the multiplayer tab
  5. A folder will open up
  6. Copy and paste everything you download into this folder
  7. Before playing the game remember to choose Resource Pack and don not forget to enable the texture pack option
  8. Done!
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