ItemPhysic Mod

Another mod for today is the mod called ItemPhysic Mod. As the name of the title might make you notice for what features this mod offers. This mod might be one of the best mod out there which will help to improve the aspect of the game to become much more realistic and beautiful as well, check it out!

ItemPhysic Mod

ItemPhysic Mod

ItemPhysic Mod

ItemPhysic Mod is a pretty awesome mod which give you pretty cool features. This mod will add a number of new items to the game, not only that it still also updates some of the existing items to become much more realistic. Just imagine how everything will be burnt when it falls into lava pit right? Now, some items won’t, even if you break them first and throw them in.

That is not what I really love about this mod. The important feature about this mod is making items rotate on their axis while flying or sitting on the ground which everything will be given the dimension to look so real. Even with the thing you are digging will rotated which look pretty smooth and cool. You will just watch and enjoy the item rolling on the ground. Moreover, if you guys know well about the physic, so wood won’t sink because it’s light, but other things like stone will do. When you throw in stone and wood plank into the water, you will see that only stone will sink because it’s heavy.

ItemPhysic Mod Main Features

  • The physics for items adjusted
  • Comparing to real life
  • Everything looks realistic even when the blocks that you are mining fall off to the ground

ItemPhysic Mod Pros and Cons


  • This mod will make you enjoy just how every single items rotate on their axis as they are falling to the grond
  • The game becomes much more realistic because of the physic given to each existing items in the game
  • Burning system that will only burn things made of burnable material like woods and many more


  • This mod needs Minecraft Forge to work properly without involving with any problems that has a negative potential
  • You might not get much more from this mod, I mean the details except the fact that it improves a lot of thing

How to install ItemPhysic Mod

  1. This mod requires you to have Forge installed, so download and install it first before installing this mod
  2. Go to the download ItemPhysic Mod for the right version that suit your Minecraft best
  3. Go to %appdata% and look for .minecraf folder and open it
  4. Open mods folder and place the downloaded file into mods folder
  5. Done
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