iTorch Mod

Adds 16 variants of torches into your minecraft world. I don’t think this mod that help you to much, but it’s look really nice. So, this iTorch Mod just only change the color to another color that you want. Let’s try to use the different torches.

iTorch Mod

iTorch Mod Main Features

  • If you looking for something like this and you would like to know this different light leves, affect or not. I recommend you try to use it and check it out by your self.
  • For now, you will found 16 variants of torches like Yellow, Black, Blue, Brown, Cyan, Green, Gray, Light Blue, Light Gray, Lime, Magenta, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, and White.

iTorch Mod Pros and Cons


  • If you boring and tired of the same old torch of Minecraft. This is a new mod that will change your mind forever.
  • Adds new 16 color of torches.


  • This not working in the old version of Minecraft
  • Require the minecraft forge to install

How to install iTorch Mod

  1. Download and install the minecraft forge in the first time
  2. Then, download and install the iTorch Mod
  3. Open the run on windows menu bar
  4. Type %appdata%
  5. Drop the file downloaded .jar into mods folder
  6. Go to your launcher of Minecraft
  7. Playing the mod and done!
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