Jaegers Inventory Sorter Mod 1.11.2/1.10.2/1.9.4/1.8.9

How do you feel when you try a new experience in survival mode? If you love adventure in survival mode, this work will make your game a lot more fun. It allows you to experience the excitement, I discovered a way to help you sort your list items quickly. It is a feature that is designed to be small, but of course it is very effective. We would like to introduce you to the great work that has been developed to work well in the latest version of Minecraft, it’s called “Jaegers Inventory Sorter Mod” just started, download and install this contribution. You can use it easily.

If you’re ready to learn the use of Jaegers Inventory Sorter Mod, in the first step , I suggest you start check out the features of the your Minecraft that it has been enhanced and updated or not! However, if you improve and update the latest version of Minecraft on your computer already. Then I recommend you download and install this mod. After you finish the installation. The next step is to open your game. Then you can start using this feature by pressing the “sort” it will start automatically and you will find that it can sort your inventory Syn orderly.

Jaegers Inventory Sorter Mod It is designed for smaller properties file but powerful. Of course you have to like and love it. If you experience problems with the operation or installation of this version. You can report this matter to our attention. We hope that you will enjoy playing this game.

Jaegers Inventory Sorter Mod

Jaegers Inventory Sorter Mod

Jaegers Inventory Sorter Mod

If you are looking for a Mod to help improve the list, sort the items in your inventory quickly. This is the work that I’d recommend that you download and install it onto your game console.

Jaegers Inventory Sorter Mod Main Features

  • It has been improved to help the players. You can sort your list items easily. This is a small feature but very powerful features.
  • You can use it as simple as pressing a button to sort the list of items in your order.

Jaegers Inventory Sorter Mod Changelogs

  • It has been enhanced lighting and shadow to paint better.
  • Shadow of water has been a great development and more.
  • Fixed and updated Sign Glitch

How to install Jaegers Inventory Sorter Mod

  1. Download and install Forge
  2. Download the Jaegers Inventory Sorter Mod
  3. Go to Start Menu
  4. Then type in %appdata% and search .minecraft
  5. Navigate to your “.minecraft” folder and find the folder called mods
  6. Drag and drop the file of Jaegers Inventory Sorter Mod .zip into the mods folder
  7. Run minecraft
  8. Have fun!
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