Jehkoba’s Fantasy Texture Pack

Jehkoba’s Fantasy Texture Pack

Looking for a new texture pack to play with in your Minecraft server? Or other server, that’s fine. Let me show you this Jehkoba’s Fantasy Texture Pack. Just the title, you would feel a bit excited! right? The Jehkoba, the fantasy. Ok, let’s check at some awesome screenshots below to make you come to the best valuable decision!

Jehkoba’s Fantasy Texture Pack

Jehkoba’s Fantasy Texture Pack

Jehkoba’s Fantasy Texture Pack

Jehkoba’s Fantasy Texture Pack is a really cool texture pack coming with only one resolution which is 16×16. This pack is wonderfully made by ‘jehkoba’. Even if this pack some with low resolution, but do not judge it yet because you still do not know how wonderful this pack is. If you can see some of the awesome screenshots above, those things might you a bit of what this look like. First of all, the theme and the color choose to be used in this pack is stunning. Everything looks great with each other which give another feeling to the game. The feeling that all people want to have that is the feeling of happiness when you enjoy something you like to play with. Above the ground, everything look so contrast with unique texture, detail and color that look so bright, fun and pleasant to the eyes, but for the underground this pack makes everything look mysterious. It is place that must be surveyed. Moreover, those mobs that you usually find have new texture details which make them look a bit creepy.

If you find this awesome Jehkoba’s Fantasy Texture Pack wonderfully made and look awesome, why not give this pack a go. You will regret nothing but happiness! Everything look so matched with each other, the textures, the details, the colors, the themes. Hope you find this pack interesting.

Jehkoba’s Fantasy Texture Pack Main Features

  • The resolution of this texture pack is 16×16
  • Warm and dark themed
  • Mysteriously good looking one

Jehkoba’s Fantasy Texture Pack Pros and Cons


  • With low reoslution, there will be no problems with your game like crashing, glitches, lag issues
  • Lots of new details that look pretty much better than other 16x pack
  • Warm and dark color themed pack which make it look much more interesting
  • This pack does not contain over details that will stray too far from original Minecraft game


  • With low resolution, overall textures might not be good like you expect it to be
  • Some textures might not be even detailed!
  • Should have some other resolutions which will make this pack much more popular

How to install Jehkoba’s Fantasy Texture Pack

  1. Download Jehkoba’s Fantasy Texture Pack from the link download provided below
  2. Choose the version that suit your Minecraft
  3. Go to %appdata% and look for roaming folder
  4. Go into .minecraft and resourcepacks folder
  5. Copy and paste the whole file into this resourcepacks folder
  6. Select the new pack from the texture pack menu in the game
  7. Finished, enjoy!
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