Jungle Island Survival Map will test your survival ability to the extreme. Imagine you are stuck alone on an island, with limited food supplies not much shade for you to take cover and the sea is too far wide to make a swim for it.

Jungle Island Survival Map

Whether you work as a team or you play alone, this map will prove very challenging for you to survive on. All you can do in the morning is gather woods, building shelter and finding foods to eat. When sunset that where nightmare come, you won’t have enough of an equipment to fight off the horde of zombies that somehow just keep on spamming! If you love this kind of scenery then Jungle Island Survival Map is the map for you.

Jungle Island Survival Map will change those players who find MineCraft easy to play. This map will stretch your ability to survive to the limit and with limited food supply and not much land for you to explore, there really not much that you can do to make sure you live through the night. That why only the finesta will survive this map.

Jungle Island Survival Map Main Feature

A Few Noteable locations and events:

  • Giant Creeper
  • End portal
  • Giant Cake
  • Tainted Jungle
  • Villages
  • A Zombie Giant spawner >
  • The Enderlands
  • Custom dungeons with trip wires and traps
  • TNT traps that need defusing =O
  • Hidden chests right under your nose
  • Plane Crash site
  • Many more =O

How to install Jungle Island Survival Map

  1. Download the file Jungle Island Survival Map.
  2. Unzip the file. You should get a new folder called “Jungle Island Survival” which contains a bunch of other folders/files.
  3. Drag this folder into the “saves” folder within the “.minecraft” folder.
  4. Start Minecraft and play!
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