Just Enough Items Mod

Welcome back guys to another mod that I couldn’t really hold on to share with you guys how awesome it is. Just Enough Items Mod this might not be that interesting, but will be highly useful when it comes to viewing the items and the recipes. The title might tell you little bit of the features that you will be experiencing with this mod right? Probably similar to some of the mods that you’ve tried before.

Just Enough Items Mod

Just Enough Items Mod

Just Enough Items Mod

Just Enough Items Mod is a really interesting mod that will work like a viewing tools to view the items and recipes. You might be familiar with this mod because it works pretty much the same like Not Enough Items mod and Too Many Items mod except that it’s much easier to use. As this mod’s been designed to view items and their respective recipes in a very simple way, so it’s extremely accessible to the average Minecraft players.

You don’t have to alt+tab to see the crafting or the items viewing website outside the game just to get the right recipes for your stuff. Moreover, you don’t have to need to pile through multiple screens to get your hands on the information that you’re looking for as well. This mod doesn’t only allow you to view the displayed recipes for each item, but you can even see the uses of selected items that is very useful in a lot of gameplay. In addition, there are the shortcut keys added for you to easily access to the menu in the mod as well which are pretty easy to get the hand of.

There are a lot of features offered by this Just Enough Items Mod. Even if it works just like those other two that I mentioned, but still there should be the best one that will be comfortably suit to your style. Hopefully that this one will be the one for you. Not going to lie that they are all pretty much the same in terms of features and the ways to use. They are all good and useful, so it depends on your preference!

Just Enough Items Mod Main Features

  • This mod will work just like Not Enough Items mod and Too Many Items Mod with the better and easier way to use
  • Designed to view items and their respective recipes in a simple and straightforward way

Just Enough Items Mod Pros and Cons


  • This mod is similar to Not Enough Items mod and Too Many Items mod, so you will be probably used to the way to use this mod
  • This mod is significantly easier to use with more accessible to the average Minecraft user
  • Extremely useful with a lot of functionality to Minecraft with overall experience enhanced


  • There are some minor bugs that haven’t been cleaned up
  • This mod won’t work if you don’t have Minecraft Forge installed, so download and install it first

How to install Just Enough Items Mod

  1. Download Minecraft Forge with the most compatible version
  2. Download Just Enough Items Mod with the most compatible version as well
  3. Have Minecraft Forge installed first without doing anything with the main mod
  4. Go into %appdata% folder
  5. Open .minecraft folder
  6. Open mods folder
  7. Drop the downloaded file here inside the mods folder
  8. All done and have fun
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